Homophobia and the Churches in Africa

Homophobia and the Churches in Africa: A Dialogue.

A regional dialogue of more than 100 participants from 13 countries representing interested church groups and LGBTI organizations was convened by GPP member The Other Foundation to explore and assess current church-based approaches to affirm the dignity of women and men who are homosexual, as well as transgender and intersex people, and to counteract homophobic social attitudes.

The convening enabled practitioners in the field to collectively reflect on their current strategies while in conversation with engaged individuals from within the churches.

Participants included representatives of church-based LGBTI groups, interested ministers from local congregations and church leadership structures, leaders of ecumenical organizations, representatives of LGBTI community groups who want to engage in dialogue with church groups, scholars from academic and theological institutions, and a few interested donors. The outcomes of the convening will inform the future programming of the Other Foundation and some of the other donors who will be present. Read reports and learn more at the Other Foundation’s site.

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