GPP Co-sponsors “Putting the ‘T’ in LGBT HIV Funding: Matching Funder Response to Community Needs“

On April 26, 2016, GPP, along with Funders for LGBTQ Issues, co-sponsored a symposium, Putting the “T” in LGBT HIV Funding: Matching Funder Response to Community Needs, organized by Funders Concerned About AIDS. The symposium brought together trans experts, activists and HIV funders to discuss the increasing focus on funding for trans issues within broader HIV funding and strategize about what needs to be done to address the continuing significant gaps in the resource needs of trans communities in the US and internationally. Erin Howe from Strength in Numbers presented data from a number of research studies, published and supported by GPP and GPP members, and David Scamell from AJWS spoke on the funders panel. The meeting highlighted that HIV human rights funders have particularly increased their contribution to funding trans-specific work in recent years, and at the same time, increased attention needs to be given to ensuring that such funding is reaching those at the frontlines of the community level response, where it is most needed.

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