GPP Session at Pan Africa ILGA Convening

Aren’t those numbers Queer? This session sees the African launch of comprehensive data outlining the state of funding for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) communities worldwide. This is the first data set that includes a robust section on government funding and international aid, in addition to updated reporting on foundation funding. This has been put together by the Global Philanthropy Project in partnership with Funders for LGBTQ Issues to carry out comprehensive research in this field. This session will be moderated by Matty Hart of the Global Philanthropy Project.

Session respondents:
  • Mukami Marete, Director of Operations, UHAI EASHRI– The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative 
  • Ian Southey-Swartz, LGBTI Programme Coordinator, OSISA
  • Chivuli Ukwimi, Regional Programme Manager Southern Africa – Sexual Diversity and Rights Programme, HIVOS


Photos from May 15th reception hosted by the Global Philanthropy Project and the Other Foundation during Pan Africa ILGA’s 2016 Conference in Johannesburg:

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