Spring 2017 Webinars

On June 8th, we co-sponsored a webinar on Digital Security in an Age of Hacking & Cyberthreats: What grantmakers should know along with Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation, Funders Concerned About AIDS, Funders for Reproductive Equity, Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce, Health and Environmental Funders Network, and International Human Rights Funders Group, and The Consultative Group for Biological Diversity.

On May 17th, we held a webinar on Chechnya and Beyond – New Roles for Grantmakers in Times of Crisis, co-sponsored by IHRFG and the Russia Freedom Fund, Human Rights Watch Russia Program Director Tanya Lokshina, representatives of The Russian LGBT Network and the Oak Foundation’s International Human Rights Program. Speakers were from the Human Rights Watch Russia Program, the Russian LGBT Network, and the Oak Foundation’s International Human Rights Program. There were 35 attendees (restricted to grantmakers only).

On March 15th, we held a webinar on Strategies for Sustaining LGBTI Movements in Closing/Closed Space Countries. We had 69 attendees, and shared the webinar recording with all attendees. The webinar was organized in collaboration with the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society (FICS), UHAI EASHRI, Astraea, and the Fund for Global Human Rights.