Ise Bosch is awarded the German Donor Award 2018

This year, the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen presents the Deutscher Stifterpreis (German Donors Award), to GPP Member Ise Bosch for her commitment to human rights. The award is the highest honour in the German Philanthropic Sector. Ise is founder of the Dreilinden Charitable Trust, which supports social movements around the world that champion the rights of LGBTQI people.

The award ceremony took place on May 16th, 2018 in Nuremberg during the Deutsche Stiftungstag. Amongst other things, Ise Bosch received the honor for the interdisciplinarity of her donor activities. Michael Göring, Chairman of the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen: “Ise Bosch uses the different ways of philanthropic tools with virtuosity, from funds, to community foundations, the Not For Profit LLC, and the network for women with inherited wealth. She embodies a generation of donors whose work reaches beyond the traditional foundation.” A traditional foundation has to invest its capital in restrictive ways; only the earnings can be spent, while a Not for Profit LLC (gemeinnützige GmbH) can use its capital more creatively. All capital, via grants and financial investments, can be utilized for social impact, such as gender equality and gender diversity. This is done in the Dreilinden gGmbH.

GPP Director Matthew Hart was honored to speak at the award ceremony, and we join with LGBTI and human rights grantmakers in Germany and around the world in  celebrating Ise and Dreilinden’s great work.