UAF and GPP Session at the 2019 Ariadne Annual Meeting and Policy Briefing 2019

Session Description

As ethno-nationalist and fascist movements grow, feeding off social polarization and economic inequality, strange bedfellows are increasingly working together to roll back human rights and social justice gains and attack minorities and marginalized groups. More than ever, this calls for philanthropy to take an intersectional approach and focus on the links between these diverse but connected movements. This session will draw from concrete experiences of community-level activists and research conducted by the Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) and Urgent Action Fund (UAF) to provide a framework and actionable recommendations for funders. Rokhaya Diallo, Afro-feminist activist will discuss attacks against feminist and anti-racist efforts in France. Tatiana Vinnichenko from the Moscow Community Center will talk about the LGBTQ purge in Chechnya and growing homophobia throughout Russia. Speakers will share examples of how funders can enable activists to respond strategically to rapidly shifting situations as well as discuss specific funding gaps and other key forms of contributions donors can make to movements. The session will be co-moderated by Nathalie Margi from Urgent Action Fund and Matthew Hart from the Global Philanthropy Project.

Meeting Information

This year’s meeting will be held at the Titanic Belfast, a monument to the city’s maritime heritage on the site of the former Harland & Wolff shipyard. The Briefing will include a selection of visits to local sites of interest to human rights and social change funders, several breakouts and plenary sessions as well as open spaces that participants can use to organise meetings or group discussions on the day.

The Policy Briefing will include three plenaries and six breakout sessions (we will give details of the sessions shortly). The event will also include an optional grants skills workshop and structured networking to enable you to meet as many new colleagues as possible. 

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