Launch of Regional Taskforces

GPP is pleased to announce the launch of Regional Taskforces to bring regional focus to mobilizing funding for LGBTQI movements. The four Regional Taskforces will serve as a platform for grantmakers, donor governments, and others to increase their impact by sharing their regional and issue expertise, to deepen relationships and knowledge, and to engage in shared strategies to increase and improve resources for local movements. The Taskforces will be focused on East Africa, West Africa, Asia & Pacific, and Latin America & The Caribbean.
The Taskforces will pursue three main goals:

  1. Create a space for current grantmakers to share information, develop shared strategies around new and emergent issues, and coordinate their efforts at the regional level;
  2. Unlock new funding by creating opportunities to engage funders who are already present in the regions, but currently do not prioritize LGBTQI rights;
  3. Help shape funding priorities of bilateral and multilateral funders to include LGBTQI rights, with explicit funding commitments.

If you are interested in joining one or more regional taskforces fill out this form.