GPP in 2021 Philanthropy 100 List

GPP is happy to be included in Unboxed Philanthropy’s 2021 Philanthropy 100 List of people, organizations, and companies making a positive difference in our world, along with many friends and allied organizations including GPP members Arcus Foundation and Wellspring Philanthropic Fund

60. Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) was founded in 2009. It is an international cohort of funders and philanthropic professionals working to increase the number of funding resources available to support global LGBTQI issues. GPP has been a thought leader on the most pressing issues impacting the LGBTQI communities and has worked to challenge the marginalization of LGBTQI communities in accessing humanitarian and relief funds. Recently GPP played a key role in illuminating the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQI communities.

Thank you, Unboxed Philanthropy Advisors!

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