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German Philanthropy’s Role in the Global LGBTI Funding Landscape  

Tuesday March 3, 2020 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm 

Open Society Foundations

Jägerstrasse 54/55, 10117 Berlin

Join us for a reception for German philanthropic foundations where findings from the 2017-18 Global Resources Report will be presented for the first time and you will have a chance to socialise with peer funders committed to resourcing organisations advancing LGBTI rights across the world. 
Light refreshments and snacks will be served! Registration closes February 25th!


Commissioned by Elevate Children’s Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project, October 2019.

Resources from Elevate Children’s Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project, October 2019

GPP, GATE, AJWS, Astraea, 2019.

This new guide, developed by ILGA-Europe and the Global Philanthropy Project, includes an overview of fundraising, frequently asked questions, 10 case studies, and guidance and resources to start or improve your fundraising.

Au coeur de l’orage: La fermeture des espaces de la société civile LGBT au Kirghizistan, en Indonésie, au Kenya et en Hongrie

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (LSVD), and GPP member Dreilinden hosted a ​1.5 day meeting on Closing Space​ May 31-June 1, in Berlin. This meeting was organized in response to our ​Perfect Storm​ report on the closing space impacts for LGBTI communities, and  GPP Director Matthew Hart presented on the Perfect Storm report in a conference session. That morning, GPP hosted a donor breakfast meeting in partnership with Foundation EVZ and member fund Dreilinden, attended by 25 representatives of 20 grantmaking organizations, of which only 5 are currently funding LGBTI movements. See more info at our event page here.  

Dreilinden, 2014. German with an Executive Summary in English.

At the Ariadne Annual Meeting in April 2017, GPP presented a session on “​The State of Lesbian Movements Across Europe - Are Foundations Meeting the Opportunity?” with moderator Ise Bosch (Dreilinden), and presenters Mariam Gagoshashvili (Astraea), Happy Mwende Kinyili (Mama Cash), and Alice Coffin & Silvia Casalino.  GPP member Urgent Action Fund also hosted a plenary session on “Working through the cracks: experiences of feminist activism.”

In this working paper for iNGOs, GPP Member Dreilinden presents essential demands of the 8th Rainbow Philanthropy Conference addressing LGBT* – and in some respects intersex – children in development cooperation.

Philanthropy Impact Magazine, Issue 15    

Poster on GPP’s research, presented at the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016).

Commissioned by Global Philanthropy Project
Authors: Barbary Cook, Dragonfly Partners and Bia Vieira, Moreno & Associates
July 2016

Authors: Matthew Hart, Global Philanthropy Project and Ben Francisco Maulbeck, Funders for LGBTQ Issues
Published in the Civicus 2016 State of Civil Society Report, June 2016.

Global Philanthropy Project and Funders for LGBTQ Issues, June 2016.

Author: Meg Davis for Global Philanthropy Project, April 2016.

Authors: Somjen Frazer and Erin Howe, Strength in Numbers Consulting Group for the GPP Trans* Working Group in collaboration with Arcus Foundation and Open Society Foundations, 2015.

Author: Gitta Zomorodi for Global Philanthropy Project, July 2015

Prepared by Barbary Cook and Bia Vieira, Dragonfly Partners, January 2016
Commissioned by: GPP Bilaterals Working Group

Author: Andrea Kämpf, for the German Institute for Human Rights and Dreilinden, October 2015.

Written by Irma V. González and Karen Kraan for GPP, February 2015

Written by Kris Abrams with Katherine Acey, for the Global Philanthropy Project, December 2011