Webinar: Supporting Global Intersex Communities During COVID-19

Thursday, September 17th
10 am EDT/ 4 pm CEST/ 5 pm EAT

Intersex communities are amongst the most underfunded movements globally. The COVID-19 pandemic and surrounding politics have exacerbated the inequities already faced by intersex people. Increased isolation, exclusion from needed health services, loss of employment and income: these are some of the experiences reported by intersex-led groups about the impact of COVID-19. Since many intersex people are already drastically excluded from both local and national economies, there are serious concerns about what the pandemic could mean to the future of intersex communities and movements.

Join the Global Philanthropy Project’s Trans and Intersex Working Group and the Intersex Human Rights Fund for a grantmaker webinar on the impact of COVID-19 for intersex movements. Hear concrete recommendations in funder actions and practices; explore how to make your first intersex grant or grow your portfolio; listen and learn from intersex communities on how to do better grantmaking. 

The webinar will provide funders with insights about how COVID-19 is impacting intersex-led groups across global regions and offer space to strategize together about effective responses in the short, medium, and long term.

Please note: this webinar is intended for a limited audience of grantmakers only.