Creating Pathways to meet the needs and priorities of LGBTI movements

The LGBTI Pathways Project is a global resource mobilization project coordinated by GPP and ILGA World. The Project will develop credible, reliable, and accurate evidence on the needs, priorities, and funding landscape of the international and regional LGBTI movements. This evidence aims to inform and influence grantmakers to increase the amount and quality of resources directed toward improving the lives of LGBTI persons worldwide.

The LGBTI Pathways project is the culmination of many years of participatory research projects led by GPP and our members and partners. The project represents our collective learning on their impacts, their utility for different stakeholders and so on. Several research projects have been undertaken in recent years to highlight current funding levels, the needs and priorities of specific parts of the movement, and critical funding gaps – to influence and inform policies and decision-making of funders and the development sector. These include:

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