Session Proposals

The GPP-UHAI Africa Donors Pre-Conference
June 12th (from 1pm) – June 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

Co-organised by the Global Philanthropy Project and UHAI EASHRI, the Africa Donors Pre-Conference is a meeting of donors invested in Africa’s LGBTI and sex worker movements. The meeting aims to facilitate networking and build shared analysis and strategies.

The 2017 Donors Pre-Conference invites public and private foundations; individual and corporate funders; and government agencies, embassies, bilateral and multilateral agencies. Pre-Conference sessions will focus on the role of private and public foundations in movement building, defence of open space, and exploration of indigenous, African-led research strategies.

Global Philanthropy Project, UHAI EASHRI, and the Planning Committee invite you to submit session proposals for both plenary and break-out sessions at this event to educate, inform and assist fellow grantmakers.

All ideas are welcome.
The deadline for proposals for the
CFCS VI Africa Donors Pre-Conference is April 27, 2017

All presenters must also register to attend the Pre-Conference.
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This is a non solicitation event.

Thematic Framing

The thematic frame for this year’s meeting are as follows:

1) Closing Space/Defense of Open Space among Africa’s LGBTI and sex worker movements.

  • Explore grantmaking/grant craft in closing/closed spaces; ie: safety and security funding, urgent response grants, and other strategies to channel funding to groups in restrictive contexts.
  • Funding investments to address closing space mechanics and state policies (grant provision).

2) The role that Private and Public Foundations play in LGBTI and Sex Worker movement building.

  • Strategic solutions designed by local leadership e.g in litigation, research, HIV services delivery, and advocacy.
  • Grantmaking processes: including approaches to promote community agency and beneficiary involvement in decision making.
  • Defining conditions for ideal partnerships.

3) Explore the role of and products of research by indigenous funders in Africa (UHAI, tOF, ISDAO) in priority setting and funding approaches.

  • Identify pieces of research to drive the discussion and activities.

Thank you in advance!  We look forward to receiving your session proposal.

Format Recommendations

The Committee asks that:

  • No more than 2 speakers are invited to break-out sessions, and a maximum of 3 speakers for plenary sessions.
  • Proposers think about ways of engaging their audiences and ensuring sessions are interesting and interactive, minimising the use of PowerPoint.

Our goal is for the meeting to have a pragmatic tone, based on solutions, strategies, and opportunities for donors and grantmakers to adopt or collaborate on.

Host Committee

The members of this year’s Planning Committee are:

Anne Gathumbi, OSF; Irene Keizer, AIDS Fonds; Caroline Kouassiaman, AJWS; Lucy Mungala, Hivos; David Sampson, The Baring Foundation; Addison Smith, Wellspring Advisors; Jenny Sundberg, RFSL; Nadia van der Linde, Red Umbrella Fund; Matthew Hart, GPP; and Mutisya Leonard, UHAI EASHRI.

If anyone would like to discuss a session proposal for the donor pre-conference in advance please contact Matthew Hart,  the GPP Director at