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Cancelled: Global Philanthropy Project at EDGE Funders Alliance and Ariadne’s Annual Conferences
Monday, 30 March to Friday, 3 April 2020
Berlin, Germany

Dear Ariadne Members,

We have unfortunately had to take the step of cancelling the 2020 Ariadne Policy Briefing due to the ongoing global outbreak of coronavirus.  This is not a decision that we have taken lightly, and it stems from our concern for the health of our members, their families, and their communities.  We want to ensure that we do not put any of our participants or speakers at risk or contribute to the burdens of health services, particularly for those coming from states with fragile healthcare infrastructures.

We will be moving some of the sessions online and offering a series of webinars in the coming weeks.  These will be open to all Ariadne members as well as those who had registered for the Policy Briefing, and we encourage you to take part.

Ariadne and EDGE remain committed to bringing funders together to discuss the issues common to our memberships and will be rescheduling Change Funders Week to Spring 2021 in Berlin.  We will provide dates and more information as soon as they are available.  In the meanwhile, please put the Ariadne Grant Skills Day in your diary.  We are planning to hold the next Grant Skills Day on 29th September on addressing the implications of digitisation for social change and human rights work (location TBD).

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at another Ariadne event soon.

Best wishes,

Julie Broome
Ariadne Director

Join GPP members at Edge Funders Alliance  and Ariadne’s Annual Conferences. 

GPP at Ariadne

Wednesday, April 1 16:00-17:30
Building a Shared Understanding and Co-Creating Concrete Strategies to Increase Solidarity and Resilience in the Face of Rising Anti-Gender and Anti-Rights Agendas
American Jewish World Service, Calala Women’s Fund, Filia Foundation, Global Philanthropy Project, Mama Cash, Ukrainian Women’s Fund, Wallace Global Fund
Friday, April 3 10:30 – 12:00 
A NEW FINANCING ORDER: How US aid and development policies are disrupting European philanthropic health and rights outcomes
Global Philanthropy Project, Philanthropy Advancing Women’s Human Rights, Open Society Foundations
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