Global Gag Rule Post-U.S. Election Webinar
Grantmaker only webinar


Join the Global Gag Rule Working Group and sponsors for a global gag rule (GGR) update webinar regarding U.S. post-election results. The webinar will support funders to understand what a Biden administration come January 20th means for the global gag rule (GGR) and related US policies impacting sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and will provide funders with opportunities to discuss the ways they can leverage their advocacy power and funding to support communities in countries that are heavily impacted by the GGR and other US aid conditionalities. Even with the Trump administration being voted out in November, there is an enormous amount of political and practical work that has to happen to both remove the policy from contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements, and an incredible amount of effort to rebuild the programs and relationships harmed by it. We will hear from activists focused on SRHR, LGBTQI rights, sex worker rights, and HIV, who will discuss what it has taken to rebuild from previous iterations of the GGR, what they anticipate the long-term impacts of this policy to be even if rescinded in January, and what a Biden administration means for global SRHR.

Please note registration is only for grantmakers, if you have any questions please email GPP. 

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