In May, GPP will co-present a session at the Annual General Assembly and Conference of the European Foundation Centre (EFC), to be held 22-24 May in Paris. 

Session details: LGBTI activism in Europe: Shifting Funding Paradigms
Friday May 24, 2019 @ 9:30-11:00 am

European LGBTI activism has yielded great progress in law, public opinion, and LGBTI lived experience. At the same time, this progress faces real threat from growing populism, right-wing ideology, the closing of civil society space, and the scapegoating of LGBTI communities in the region. Together, we will explore and utilize new data to demonstrate how movement trends and related funding gaps and opportunities can offer strategic direction towards the work ahead.

This first-ever LGBTI-focused workshop at EFC will provide a unique opportunity to discuss how funders can successfully contribute to the work of LGBTI movements in Europe. During the session, data will be presented from the report ‘Funding for LGBTI Activism in Europe and Central Asia: Comparing the Priorities of LGBTI Organisations and Funders’ (November 2018, ILGA-Europe and Global Philanthropy Project). This report analyzes connections and gaps between two recently released data sources: the ILGA-Europe funding needs survey documenting responses of 287 LGBTI organisations, ‘Funding for LGBTI Activism in Europe and Central Asia: Priorities and Access to Resources’ and the Global Philanthropy Project report tracking philanthropic resources, 2015-2016 Global Resources Report: Philanthropic and Government Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Communities.


  • Beth Fernandez, Director of Programmes, Sigrid Rausing Trust
  • Nina Spataru, Programme Officer, Oak Foundation
  • Mirosława Makuchowska, Political Team Manager, Campaign Against Homophobia Poland
  • Emina Bošnjak, Executive Director, Sarajevo Open Centre

This session is organized by Global Philanthropy Project, ILGA-Europe, Oak Foundation, Sigrid Rausing Trust, and Open Society Foundations.


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