Resourcing Global LGBTI Issues in the Era of COVID
Thursday, December 10, at 11 am ET

Global Philanthropy Project invites you to join us on a panel at the upcoming OutRight Summit. COVID-19 is exacerbating the existing vulnerabilities of LGBTI communities in many parts of the world. At the same time, donor responses to the health and economic impacts of the pandemic are re-shaping international development, humanitarian, and human rights financing. In this session, GPP will present key findings from its forthcoming report on the impact of COVID-19 on the global LGBTI funding landscape, which includes predictive analysis based on a survey of 25 funders, who account for just under half of all LGBTI funding (outside of the US). Data from the Global Resources Report will also be shared highlighting the key regional, thematic, and population-based trends in LGBTI grantmaking.
These findings will then be illustrated through a three-person grantmaker panel representing a government donor, a global private foundation, and a regional-based movement-led participatory funder. Informed by their unique position within the global LGBTI funding field, each panelist will outline how their institution has navigated the challenges of funding LGBTI movements since the pandemic began and what their future support of the movement will look like.

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GPP’s second COVID19 Report will be made available in January, register for the webinar launch (January 28) here. 

GPP Briefing: COVID-19 LGBTI Philanthropic Response Survey Results
May 2020

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Caroline Kouassiaman
Executive Director
Initiative Sankofa d’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISDAO)

Michael Heflin
Director of Equality Human Rights Initiative
Open Society Foundations

Matthew Hart
Global Philanthropy Project

Elaine Chard-Antonopoulou
Second Secretary LGBT Rights
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Operating at the Intersection of Grants and Investments
Thursday, December 10, at 10 am ET

The challenges for LGBTQIA* communities in the Global South and Global East will continue to increase with rapid climate change, political instrumentation and a bleak economic outlook exacerbating the situation. LGBTQIA* people are already showing tremendous resilience. As human rights and humanitarian aid funders as well as impact investors, we need to prioritise their efforts to become even more resilient for the longer term. Philanthropic and investment efforts need to integrate across both fields. Different forms of capital, from grants and investments over to blended solutions are needed to support the build out of stronger and more visible systems. Case studies from South Africa and Mexico will illustrate how work at the intersection of grant making and investing can look like. We will also touch on potential entry points to integrate an LGBTQI* lens in the investment strategy of an organisation. This interactive sessions aims to be a space to learn, share, challenge and discuss different approaches and ideas.


Stefan Bollier
Founder Impact Investors 

Caren Holzman
Enabling Social, Environmental & Economic Outcomes

Kebone Moloko 
Design Recruiter | Nonprofit Founder | Y Combinator Startup School 

Kelly Roberts-Robbins
Associate Director at Palladium Impact Capital

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Investing with a LGBTQI Lens: Rethinking Gender Analysis Across Investing Fields (June 2020)

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Fighting gender ideology: Gender justice and intersections of women’s rights and LGBTIQ rights
Friday, December 11, at 10:15 am ET

How do women’s rights and LGBTIQ organizations combine forces to advocate for gender justice for all and an end to the harmful framing of gender ideology? Join LGBTIQ- and allied feminists for conversation at this intersection.

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Lisa Davis
Associate Professor of Law and
Human Rights & Gender Justice Clinic

Geetanjali Misra
Co-Founder and Executive Director

Ezra Berkley Nepon
Senior Program Officer for Knowledge and Learning

Global Philanthropy Project

Jessica Stern
Executive Director
OutRight Action International

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