CFAs: Emergency Security Grants for Egyptian Human rights Activists

31 December 2024

Minority Rights Group (MRG)

The Minority Rights Group (MNR) is accepting applications for Emergency Security Grants from Egyptian human rights activists who are working within or outside of Egypt to address the security needs of human rights activists representing religious, ethnic or gender minorities (LGBTQIA+), that face digital or physical threats or security risks due to their human rights work within a restrictive civic space. The grants aim to mitigate the impacts of various security breaches, crackdowns, harassments, and attacks of legal, physical, or digital nature and prevent their recurrence. 

Funding Information

The grant can cover the costs of:

Travel, accommodation and relocation costs for activists under the pressure to relocate temporarily inside or outside the country. This may include safehouse costs.

Legal fees for activists facing judicial forms of persecution or who need to resort to the legal system to enhance their security.

Support to families of activists in imprisonment

Medical care for injured activists.

Vital hardware or software to enhance security of data or personal equipment.

Any other costs that are vital to secure the lives and work of minority rights activists living in insecure contexts.

For your application to be considered, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

Be a human rights or minority rights activist working to promote and protect human and minority rights in Egypt.

Must have recently experienced an elevated risk of an imminent security threat. The urgency of the risk that requires intervention must be clear. Risks can include security risks emanating from digital breaches, arrests and prosecutions of human rights activists due to their human rights work, verbal or physical threats against human rights activists, harassment of activists or their family members, attacks against the infrastructure of activists, etc.

Be an activist with a track record of working with ethnic, religious, gender, and LGBTQIA+ minorities.

Have the ability to receive funding safely from MRG.


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  • Minority Rights Group (MRG)
  • Amount: Less than $1000
  • Application deadline: 12/31/2024
  • Funding period: Ongoing
  • Middle East and North Africa
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