Coordinator of the Sex Work Donor Collaborative

Sex Work Donor Collaborative / NEO Philanthropy

Mission and Values

The Sex Work Donor Collaborative envisions a world in which the sex workers’ rights movement are fully resourced, in which sex workers have a strong voice in the decisions that impact their lives, and in which sex workers’ rights and other movements are in solidarity to create a more just world. Its mission is to increase the amount and quality of funding and non-financial support for sex workers’ rights and sex workers’ organizing.

We recognise the self-determination of sex workers, and the importance of meaningfully engaging sex workers in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programmes, initiatives, and funding affecting their lives and work, including the SWDC. To learn more about us and our members, visit our website

History and Context for this Consultancy

The Sex Work Donor Collaborative’s origins date back to 2008, when donors were brought together by Open Society Foundations, the Global Network of Sex Work Projects, and CREA in response to the lack of funding for sex workers’ rights groups. One of the key outcomes of this donor-activist collaboration was the creation of the Red Umbrella Fund, the first global fund led by and for sex workers, founded in 2012.

However, donors identified a continued need for donor-to-donor advocacy to increase the amount of funds to support the movement. Resourcing of the sex workers’ rights movement remains unacceptably low at less than 1% of all global human rights funding. With this need in mind, the donors reconvened in 2017, crafted a mission and values statement, and a structure to guide the work. In 2018, 17 funders signed onto this mission, joined the new Sex Work Donor Collaborative and elected a Steering Committee. Additional funders have since joined.

The Collaborative has fostered research on funding for sex worker rights, hosted events, supported briefings featuring sex worker organizations, supported one another’s learning and best practices, and engaged in one-on-one advocacy with donors. Our efforts have resulted in new funders and expanded portfolios benefitting sex worker movements. The Collaborative has three standing committees that carry out the work. In 2020, we engaged in a strategic planning process and identified the need for a fiscal sponsor and paid coordinator to improve our effectiveness. In 2021, NEO Philanthropy became our fiscal sponsor and an employee of NEO and member of the Collaborative, Sienna Baskin, was engaged as an interim Coordinator.


The Assignment 

The Sex Work Donor Collaborative (SWDC) seeks a consultant or consultant team to be an ongoing Coordinator responsible for the day-to-day management of the activities of the SWDC. The role entails maintaining effective relations with the host organization NEO Philanthropy.  The Coordinator will lead coordination of the Steering Committee, standing committees, organizational planning and budgeting, and communications. The Coordinator is directly accountable to the SWDC Steering Committee.

Scope of Work

  • Support the Steering Committee (SC) to be effective in providing strategic direction and oversight to the donor collaborative and implement the strategic plan;
  • Implement decisions made by the SC;
  • Develop an annual Coordinator’s work plan and budget for SC approval;
  • Coordinate and contribute to the work of the three standing committees, who meet monthly, in line with the values of the SWDC;
  • Onboard and cultivate members of the SWDC;
  • Support the SC in securing funds needed for the SWDC to effectively work towards its stated objectives, including preparing and timely submitting donor proposals and reports and maintaining relations with funders;
  • Maintain effective relations with the administrative host organization, NEO Philanthropy, in accordance with the hosting agreement, including managing the relations with NEO’s finance and donor services teams;
  • Develop and implement a communications plan in collaboration with membership, including maintenance of a website, email, listservs and social media accounts, and represent the SWDC in external communication;
  • Promote the ongoing visibility and leadership of sex worker community members, in all our diversities, in the work of the SWDC;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the SWDC values.

Required Lived Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Lived experience as a current or former sex worker (any form of sex work);
  • Current residence outside of Western Europe or North America;
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the fields of sex workers’ rights, advocacy, organizing, grantmaking, or fundraising;
  • Experience in project management, including supervision of volunteers, developing and managing budgets, and overseeing expenditures;
  • Ability to work independently;
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to manage complex tasks and prioritize competing demands;
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills in English. Fluency in a second or third language is also a plus;
  • An understanding of current sex workers’ rights issues and debates and knowledge of key organizations in the international sex workers’ rights movement(s);
  • Sensitivity and appreciation for diversity in many forms, including in identity, viewpoints, and communication styles;
  • A commitment to non-hierarchical organizing models and an ability to facilitate participatory decision making and foster leadership of others;
  • Willingness to take direction and feedback;
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills, proven experience with bridge-building and working in coalition with a diverse group of stakeholders, as well as the ability to acknowledge and manage power relations constructively;
  • Computer literate, including comfort with online platforms, video conferencing, spreadsheets and cloud storage.


  • The consultancy will last 18 months, with the option to renew if funds allow. 
  • We expect the consultancy to require 10 hours per week, and consultant fees to equal $40,000 US per year, or $60,000 US for 18 months. 
  • There is a separate budget for operations costs, including, if necessary, a computer with virus protection and all necessary programs, and wifi service or reimbursement. 
  • The starting date will be December 1, 2021. 
  • The position will be remote. 
  • We are open to a consultant team of not more than two for this role.

To submit an expression of interest for consideration, please send a cover letter, resume(s) for the consultant or team members, and two references to before midnight in your time zone on Friday 15th, October 2021. You can also direct questions to that email address. 

The SWDC will confirm receipt of applications before the deadline, and will contact shortlisted candidates by November 5 for interviews.


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