Donor Influencing Strategy Consultant

Mama Cash


Mama Cash works to ensure that feminist collective action led by women, girls, and trans and intersex people is resourced, supported and connected within and across social movements. We use our role as a feminist funder, our experience supporting feminist activism, and our geopolitical location in the Netherlands to mobilise and move funding to feminist initiatives and groups. We do this work in partnership with other feminist organisations, women’s funds and social justice grantmakers and donors.


Worldwide, feminist movements are critical actors in creating fairer and more just societies, and they are rising to meet new and long-standing challenges. Yet their resource needs remain unmet by the funding sector; they continue to receive less than 1% of all gender-focused aid for example. Over the past several years, a range of funders have taken on the challenge of closing this resourcing gap via new funding mechanisms, new collaborations, joint advocacy, etc. including Mama Cash. Thus we are committed to deepening and strengthening our work to support and propel this collective work forward.


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Mama Cash mobilises money from donors toward feminist movements via two complementary strategies: fundraising and donor influencing. With each, we are committed to ensuring that more and better money moves to feminist movements: through Mama Cash, via other women’s funds, and/or from other funders directly to self-led groups and activists. In all our fundraising and influencing work, we intend to deepen partnerships, including with peer women’s funds. We see partnership and collaborative work as a crucial way of bringing better resourcing to feminist activism. Our Strategic Guide calls for Mama Cash to annually leverage double what we fundraise for the organisation by 2030. By leverage we mean influencing and mobilizing resources that flow outside of our own (expenditure) budget.


To enable Mama Cash to deliver on our donor influencing ambitions, we need to review and update our current donor influencing strategy. This strategy refresh will concentrate on clarifying priorities and how we will know we have been successful. The strategy refresh will result in a new strategy that is rooted in the 2021-2030 Strategic Guide, provide concrete direction as to where Mama Cash will focus its influencing efforts given its capacity, and provide practical recommendations on how to organise internally in order to succeed.


The individual hired for this position will work closely with the Senior Officer for Donor Influencing at Mama Cash and the Partnerships and Communications Director.



As a women’s fund we sit at the nexus between movements and funders through which we hold a particular place in the funding ecosystem as both a peer and a donor. Our influencing work is focused on influencing how and where money flows and how to resource feminist activism well. We recognize that Mama Cash is uniquely positioned on some issues – sex workers’ rights and environmental justice, for example. We will also leverage our access to donor(-only) spaces as a funder and continue to build relationships with other funders to make the case and share practical ways for donors to make better and more funding available to feminist movements.


Mama Cash’s influencing work is informed by several partnerships, primarily through the Count Me In! Consortium of which Mama Cash is the lead and the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) which is led by the Central American Women’s Fund (FCAM). In addition to these two key partnerships, Mama Cash also partners with peer women’s funds on strategic opportunities for

centering the importance of women’s funds as connectors to feminist movements and also to strengthen the feminist funding ecosystem.


As we have moved into a new strategic guide period, we need to bring together the different influencing agendas that inform our priorities. It is time to re-focus and get clear on our role vis-à-vis other actors committed to resourcing feminist activism advocacy, including how and where Mama Cash can be most effective and how to assess that we have been successful (or not).


A few questions that we expect to find answers to in this process are:

       given the range of actors currently involved in championing and advocating for more resources to feminist movements, where should Mama Cash focus our efforts?

       What does leveraging resources mean for Mama Cash practically?

       What do we stop doing?

       What role do we play in the Netherlands?

       How do partnerships with women’s funds factor into our donor influencing strategy?

       How will we review and measure our progress over the course of one year, three years, ten years?

       How do we futureproof our donor influencing work – recognising that our capacity and resources may grow or shrink to do this work?


The key elements of the project are outlined below and we welcome the advice of specialist consultants on alternative or adjusted approaches to the work.


We seek a consultant to:


Part 1: review internal and external documents, engage with (internal) stakeholders and facilitate discussions


       Review internal documents relating to our donor influencing strategy;

       Review what has worked for other sectors or issue areas – how have others shifted the needle on funding, what can we learn to inform our approach;

       Facilitate conversations with staff on what direction Mama Cash’s influencing work could

take in light of the new strategic guide;

       Get input from a select number of external stakeholders, a balance of those we already work with and those we do not work with, but that have shifted the needle on funding issue areas adjecent to us, like climate justice, racial justice, or more narrow focus areas within those, etc.


Part 2: scenario planning and facilitate process to agree on next steps


       Review our organisational theory of change and propose a theory of influence (how we expect change to happen, so with what inputs and tactics we expect to achieve our envisioned influencing outcomes, including citations);

       Drawing on the above, develop two to three scenarios of where Mama Cash should focus its influencing efforts –practically, what could we do to maximise our effort and achieve our ambitions, and what this would mean for how we structure this work internally

       Propose metrics on how to measure if we were successful over the course of the next ten years (and when we know to end initiatives), building on our internal strategic guide outcomes and indicators.

       Facilitate the scenario conversation within the organisation to help identify which scenario to move forward with and how.



ambitions and work to date in terms of our influencing work

(including review of funding mapping reports that illustrate what feminist movements state as recommendations to ensure we include this in our analysis of our next steps)


External stakeholder consultations

4 or 5 interviews

Thursday October 7

Internal stakeholder consultations, including two workshops with key staff- one at the start of this process and one to present and go over the proposed scenarios

Thursday October 7

+ date towards the end of the project

A theory of influence

Draft 1 Monday October 18


Draft 2 Monday November 1

Two or three proposed scenarios of what MC’s influencing could focus on and what this means for how the work is organised internally

Draft 1 Monday November 1


Draft 2 Monday November 15

Proposed metrics of how we know we have been successful, drawing on the internal results assessment framework

Draft 1 Monday November 1


Draft 2 Monday November 15




The successful consultant will be guided by, and report to the Senior Officer for Influencing. The Director of Partnerships and Communications will be closely involved in the process.



The budget available for this project is to not exceed 10,000 Euro, including VAT. Any possible costs outside of the above-mentioned budget are to be discussed with the Project Manager ahead of expenditure.


The successful consultant will be paid in two installments (negotiable):

1.  40% billed after project inception meeting and signing of the contract;

2.  60% billed within 30 days of satisfactory completion of the work. The consultant will present an invoice detailing the deliverables being billed.


Key dates

Inception meeting and contracting:                         September 16

Final deliverables:                                                  November 1


We would like to have regular (i.e. bi-weekly) check-in meetings with the consultant.


Mama Cash will support performance of the contract through ongoing communication with the successful applicant and assessment of services undertaken. Performance will be assessed against the Key Performance Indicators below.




Delivery of milestones

All specified tasks and milestones are met in a timely manner.

Tasks and milestones are delivered on or before the date specified.

Quality of deliverables

All delivered work is of appropriate quality.

All work, whether written or verbal, must be fit for purpose and meet the requirements of contract.


Sufficient resources are in place for the timely completion of all deliverables.

Adequate staff with appropriate skills, expertise and experience work on the project throughout its duration.


Effective notification arrangements are in place during the contractual relationship and utilized, if necessary.

The consultant must notify Mama Cash of any issues that will affect the timing or quality of project deliverables within 24 hours of the matter being known to the consultant.


Confidentiality and Security

Effective security arrangements for all hardcopy and electronic data during and after the

contractual relationship.

All electronic and hardcopy data and information must be handed to Mama Cash and deleted at the end of

the contractual relationship.


Additional costs incurred by the successful applicant in correcting unsatisfactory achievement of targets will be borne entirely by them. The unsatisfactory work will be deemed as a breach of contract which will lead to the reassessment of the contract, with the possibility of the contract being terminated. Mama Cash will formally notify the consultant if performance fails to meet the level of satisfaction required.


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