Our history



GPP is founded, organized through a coordinating committee representing a small number of philanthropic organizations, and hosted by Arcus Foundation.


  • The Coordinating Committee organized meetings with donor governments and key intermediaries, convened thematic conversations among LGBTI-funding program officers, and began to support the organization of a Southern Africa Donor Tour, among other efforts. 
  • Members participate in the “Stockholm Meeting” bringing together philanthropy and donor governments for the first time to strengthen support for international LGBTI human rights.


  • First GPP publication: “Invest, Educate, Engage, Ask: Strategies for Increasing Individual Giving to LGBTQ Rights in the Global South and East” and partners with Funders for LGBTQ Issues in development of the Global Gaze report, tracking 2010 LGBTI funding in the Global South and East. 
  • GPP transitions to become a program of Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice at the end of 2011.


  • GPP explores government funding for LGBTI human rights in the Global South and East, intermediary funding opportunities, and the opportunities for tracking this funding, with private research for member organizations. 
  • GPP receives its first focused grant funding.


  • GPP hosts its first Donor Pre-Conference, Changing Faces, Changing Spaces (CFCS), in partnership with UHAI EASHRI (Kenya), an ongoing biennial event. 
  • A Southern Africa Donor Tour, engaging many GPP members, supports the development of The Other Foundation.
  • GPP continues to explore government funding for LGBTI human rights in the Global South and East in private research for member organizations, and GPP members participate in a Berlin meeting following up on the 2010 “Stockholm Meeting,” again bringing together philanthropy and donor governments with key civil society leaders to increase support, coordination, and resources for LGBT Rights.  


  • First GPP Annual Member Meeting (in-person). 
  • GPP hosted a pre-conference institute as part of the International Human Rights Funders Group [now Human Rights Funders Network] conference (USA).
  • Members participate in a Global LGBTI Human Rights Donors’ Conference in Washington, DC bringing together donor governments, multilateral agencies, and foundations as well as LGBTI civil society leaders. 


  • GPP hires its first dedicated staff member, Director Matthew Hart, and a program associate.
  • With staffing, GPP activates increasing programmatic and structural development and launches a member working group focused on Government and Multilateral Donors. 


GPP publishes “SOGI Related Forced Migration in East Africa: Fleeing Uganda After the Passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Act” and also develops research about engaging high net wealth individual donors in international LGBTI grantmaking.


  • GPP organizes its first ILGA-Europe Donor Pre-Conference (Greece), an ongoing annual event.
  • GPP members initiate and participate in an international convening to determine the feasibility of creating a new fund to support the global transgender community, eventually leading to the development of the International Trans Fund.


GPP publishes the first Global Resources Report in partnership with Funders for LGBTQ Issues, documenting global LGBTI funding in 2013-2014, setting the baseline for this ongoing biennial tracking report.  


  • GPP mobilizes members to attend the Global LGBTI Human Rights Conference – Non Violence, Non Discrimination and Social Inclusion (Uruguay), aligning its annual member meeting with the conference. This conference launches the Equal Rights Coalition.
  • GPP organizes its first donor pre-conference aligned with ILGA World (Thailand) and its first donor reception aligned with Pan Africa ILGA (South Africa), yielding ongoing partnerships.  
  • GPP is increasingly active in attending and presenting at conferences including the Ariadne Annual Meeting and Policy Briefing, International Civil Society Week, the International AIDS Conference, and more. GPP also hosts an LGBTI grantmaker reception in London. 


GPP publishes two reports:

  • The Perfect Storm: The Closing Space for LGBTI Civil Society in Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Kenya, and Hungary 
  • The Road to Successful Partnerships: How Governments in the Global North can effectively partner with intermediary organizations to support LGBTI communities in the Gobal South and East.


GPP launches a public website for the first time.


  • With the launch of the second edition of the State of Trans Organizing and State of Intersex Organizing, GPP and partners launched a major tour bringing the research findings to European donor government, philanthropic, and civil society organisations and to a number of conferences in the Asia-Pacific region. 
  • GPP partners with ILGA-Europe in publishing It Shows That People Care: LGBTI organisations fundraising from individuals in Europe and Central Asia.
  • GPP and partners co-hosted a meeting in Berlin, organized in response to our ​Perfect Storm​ report on the closing space impacts for LGBTI communities, including a donor breakfast meeting. GPP also hosts its first ILGA Asia session (Cambodia), and continues donor pre-conferences adjacent to ILGA-Europe (Poland) and CFCS (Kenya).
  • GPP begins to host informational webinars for the broader philanthropic community, ongoing as a major program area.


  • The Trans and Intersex research tour continues with presentations to government and donors, multilaterals, and foundations in Europe and Northern America through tailored meetings and conferences. 
  • GPP publishes the second Global Resources Report in partnership with Funders for LGBTQ Issues, documenting global LGBTI funding in 2015-2016.
  • GPP and its members engaged in Leaving No One Behind: The Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) Global Conference on LGBTI Human Rights and Inclusive Development in Vancouver.
  • GPP and Elevate Children Funders Group launch our work together to mobilize global funding support for LGBTI youth. 
  • GPP holds a multi-day member meeting in Amsterdam, donor pre-conferences adjacent to ILGA-Europe (Belgium), and co-hosted a side meeting at the annual Human Rights Funders Network conference (Mexico) focused on donor responses to the anti-gender movement.


  • GPP hosts our first independent global meeting: Growing Solidarity: Funding at the Intersection of Faith, Religious Fundamentalism, Human Rights, and Social Justice (Botswana). GPP also develops private research for this convening, which is later published in a public version as Religious Conservatism on the Global Stage: Threats and Challenges for LGBTI Rights.


  • GPP coordinated a funder delegation to Ottawa, Canada to provide technical guidance to Global Affairs Canada and participate in a country-level consultation with Canadian stakeholders.
  • GPP hosts its first donor event aligned with ILGA Latin America and the Caribbean (Colombia), and its first Donor Pre-Conference focused on the Middle East and North Africa region in coordination with the Arab Foundation For Freedoms & Equality (Cyprus), as well as its ongoing donor pre-conferences adjacent to ILGA World (New Zealand), ILGA-Europe (Czech Republic) and CFCS (Kenya).
  • GPP organized the first-ever LGBTI-focused session for the European Foundation Centre conference (France); co-organized a Donor Post-Conference to the Rainbow Philanthropy Conference: “Sport Disrupted: Sex_uality Matters” (Germany); and co-organized a conference on “The Narrative Imperative: Imagining a Collective Response for Effective Communications” (USA). 


GPP and Elevate Children Funders Group co-publish Infinite Worlds of Possibilities: Understanding, Supporting and Financing Programs for LGBTI Children and Youth Around the World and related materials. 


  • GPP hosts the Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit, an online donor-convening across four months of virtual programming. 
  • Following the Global Rights Summit, GPP launches a task force on philanthropic responses to the anti-gender movement, with increased ongoing programming on this issue. 
  • GPP and Elevate Children Funders Group co-publish Manufacturing Moral Panic: Weaponizing Children to Undermine Gender Justice and Human Rights
  • GPP publishes a series of four briefs exploring more detailed funding analysis from the Global Resources Reports: Diving Deeper Under the Surface of LGBTI funding data.
  • GPP hosts and participates in a range of online events, webinars, and panels.


  • As with all organizations, much of GPP’s planned work was disrupted as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. GPP quickly developed a funder survey and brief to share findings about likely impacts of COVID-19 on funding for LGBTI global communities. Over the course of 2020, GPP then developed a broader report: Where are the Global COVID-19 Resources for LGBTI Communities? 
  • GPP develops private research which was excerpted for a public report: Meet the Moment: A Call for Progressive Philanthropic Response to the Anti-Gender Movement
  • GPP publishes the third Global Resources Report in partnership with Funders for LGBTQ Issues, documenting global LGBTI funding in 2017-2018, publishing the report in English, Spanish, and French. For the first time, GPP took on primary authorship of the report. 
  • GPP hosts and participates in a range of online events, webinars, and panels.
  • GPP transitioned to fiscal sponsorship with Community Initiatives.


  • In 2022, GPP returns to hosting in-person events including donor pre-conferences aligned with ILGA World (USA), ILGA Asia (Vietnam), and ILGA-Europe (Bulgaria). 
  • GPP and member organizations participate in the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) Global LGBTI Conference (Argentina).
  • GPP develops a toolkit for Trans-Inclusive Grantmakers.  


  • GPP and partners successfully advocate for the Australian Government to create their first ever LGBTI human rights foreign policy strategy and establish a new Inclusion and Equality Fund, supporting LGBTI civil society in Asia and the Pacific.
  • GPP continues in-person convenings including a first full donor pre-conference for Pan Africa ILGA (Mauritius) and a major funder convening in advance of the Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference – “Resourcing LGBTIQ+ Movements for Change in Asia and the Pacific” (Australia).
  • GPP launches as an independent organization, leaving fiscal sponsorship, and  re-launches our website.
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