Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit is an online event organized by the Global Philanthropy Project (‘the organizer’).

In the context of this event, the organizer will collect the following personal data from all prospective attendees: name, pronouns, email address, organization, role, areas of interest, language, accessibility requirements, and suggestions for sessions. In addition, the organizer will collect registrant postal address at the time of ticket purchase.

This collection will take place through the platform InEvent, and will be subject to InEvent’s Terms of Service.

In addition to those, the organizer informs all prospective and confirmed attendees that they may request a full list of all information the organizer holds about them; to have this information modified; or to have this information deleted. This deletion may make it impossible for the attendee to take part, or continue taking part in the summit.

The organizer will add the email addresses of confirmed attendees to its mailing list. The same terms apply if attendees wish to request, modify, or delete their information from that list.

For more information, please write to