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Partnering with Pride was written by leading LGBTIQ+ groups across Asia and the Pacific, in partnership with the Global Philanthropy Project and Equality Australia, 2023

Learn more about GPP’s activities and updates in 2022!

Collected resources.

Foundation for a Just Society, Global Philanthropy Project, ASEAN LBQ Network, and Mitini Nepal invite you to review the following

Elevate Children Funders Group y Global Philanthropy Project, 2021

What Works 2 to Prevent Violence, 2022

Sentiido, February 2022

Learn more about GPP’s activities and updates in 2021!

The Advocates for Human Rights, December 2021

GPP is happy to be included in Unboxed Philanthropy’s 2021 Philanthropy 100 List…

Alliance Magazine, December 2021

OutRIght Action International, SEROVIE, March 2011

OutRight Action International, 2020

APCOM, IPPF, Asean SOGIE, UN Women, Asian Pacific Transgender Network, Edge Effect, June 2018

Global Philanthropy Project, June 2021

Global Philanthropy Project, Red Umbrella Fund, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, and the Sex Worker Donor Collaborative, March 2021

Global Philanthropy Project, April 2021

Global Philanthropy Project, February 2021

Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte and Dreilinden, May 2021

@ Funders Concerned About AIDS: Where are the Global COVID-19 Resources for LGBTI Communities?

Elevate Children Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project, March 2021

@ Baring Foundation 2020 Review

Le Rapport sur les Ressources mondiales de 2017-2018 est désormais disponible en français!

El Informe de Recursos Globales 2017-2018 ya está disponible en español!

Oak Foundation, 2017

These briefs focus on: global LBQTI funding, the role of intermediaries and government embassies in global LGBTI funding, and funding for LGBTI sex workers.

GPP research is now included in Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), the world’s largest online resource of documents and articles devoted to research, analysis, and scholarship on international politics and related fields.

Learn more about GPP’s activities and updates in 2020!

AWID and Mama Cash, with support of the Count Me In! Consortium, November 2020

Report available in English, Spanish, and French

What are the different kinds of LGBTI funders, and what are good ways to approach them for support? Watch GPP’s new “meet the donors” video to learn more.

GPP September 2020 Updates

50 Funders increased their global LGBTI Funding by 25% or more in 2017–2018.

Global Philanthropy Project, January 2021

Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society, May 2020

Mama Cash and Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, June 2020

Injustice Exposed: The Criminalisation of Transgender People and its Impacts
Baring Foundation

The Safety, Legal Protections, and Social Inclusion of LGBTQ People in the Caribbean in 2018, Synergia and Arcus Foundation

Data Collection and Reporting on Violence Perpetrated Against LGBTQI Persons in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa and Uganda, Iranti and Arcus Foundation.

Representación mediática de las personas LGBTQ en seis países de América Latina y el Caribe, Arcus Foundation

Arcus Foundation, 2018

{{ vc_btn: title=Download+the+report&color=sky&align=center&i_icon_fontawesome=fas+fa-hand-point-up&button_block=true&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fglobalphilanthropyproject.org%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2020%252F05%252FGPP-COVID-19-Brief.pdf%7Ctarget%3A_blank }} In April 2020, GPP conducted a survey in order to understand emerging practices and principles for

Edge Effect, April 2020

Global Philanthropy Project and Funders for LGBTQ Issues, May 2020

2020 GPP Employment Consultancies

Prague 15th Anniversary Reception & Dinner of the European Governmental LGBTI Focal Points Network
23 October 2019 – Prague

Read about GPP events, publications, and other activities in 2019.

GPP Statement to  Leaving No One Behind: the Equal Rights Coalition (ERC) Global Conference on LGBTI Human Rights and Inclusive

Commissioned by Elevate Children’s Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project, October 2019.

Please sign up to receive additional information on GPP's virtual conference, Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit (March-June 2021)

Fondo Semillas, Arcus Foundation

Fondo Semillas, Arcus Foundation 2019 English version here Fullscreen Mode
Please sign up to receive additional information on Pan Africa ILGA Donor Pre-Conference on July 27-31, 2020 in Ghana

Resources from Elevate Children’s Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project, October 2019

2nd European Lesbian* Conference, April 2019

José Manuel Morán Faúndes, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina 2019


GPP, GATE, AJWS, Astraea, 2019.

Global Philanthropy Projects welcomes two new members, Oak Foundation and the International Trans Fund.  We look forward to our work
GPP is pleased to announce two staff updates. GPP's staff member Ezra Berkley Nepon has been promoted to Senior Program
GPP is pleased to announce the launch of Regional Taskforces to bring regional focus to mobilizing funding for LGBTQI movements.

Catholics for Human Rights, Horizons Foundation Global Faith and Equality Fund
March 2019

Protection International 2010

Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice, 2018

Astraea Lesbian Foundation For Justice, 2019

American Jewish World Services
June 2019

Research Report on the Right to Education for Transgender People in China 2019

Funders for LGBTQ Issues y Global Philanthropy Project se complacen en publicar el 2015-2016 Informe de Recursos Globales: Apoyo gubernamental y filantropico


The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission 2014

FCAA Spring Funder Forum will offer a two-part discussion to help contextualize current threats to HIV, health and human rights, health and human rights, with one session focusing on FOSTA-SESTA legislation and the other looking at the rise of religious conservatism.

As ethno-nationalist and fascist movements grow strange bedfellows are working together to roll back human rights.

Rowman and Littlefield International 2017 Fullscreen Mode
Jeffrey O'Malley and Andreas Holzinger 2018 Fullscreen Mode
European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL) 2018 Fullscreen Mode

Read about GPP events, publications, and other activities in 2018

Time is now: Voices of our friends as a step towards understanding the lives of lesbian, bisexual and trans women
European Lesbian* Conference 2017 Fullscreen Mode
European Lesbian* Conference 2017 Fullscreen Mode
Kika Fumero and LesWorking October 2017 Fullscreen Mode
Kika Fumero and LesWorking 16 de julio de 2017 Fullscreen Mode

Grantmaker Resources re: funding Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer Women

Fondo Lunaria Mujer Febrero 2018 Fullscreen Mode

Resources for understanding and resisting “anti-gender ideology.”

GPP is proud to partner with our members Open Society Foundations and American Jewish World Services on the newly selected Opening Plenary at the upcoming 2018 FCAA AIDS Philanthropy Summit. 

New: Global Acceptance Index (GAI) reports; Developed by the Williams Institute (UCLA) for the LGBTI Global Development Partnership

A will and a way: Towards an HIV and stigma free world A reflection on Hivos’ participation in STOP AIDS
PHILANTHROPY AND ITS DISCONTENTS: FUNDING LGBTI ACTIVISM IN ASIA Queer Asia 2018 Conference Roundtable Session Date: 28 June 2018 |

New report: Mapping Digital Landscapes of Trans Activism in Central Asia and Eastern Europe (CAEE) by Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice and Transgender Europe (TGEU).

Ise Bosch is awarded the German Donor Award 2018 This year, the Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen presents the Deutscher Stifterpreis (German Donors
Funders for LGBTQ Issues and Global Philanthropy Project are pleased to release The 2015-2016 Global Resources Report: Philanthropic & Government Support for Lesbian, Gay,

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password:

ICNL Releases New Study on the Impact of Closing Civic Space on HIV Response.

The European Foundation Center DAFNE: Donors and Foundations Network in Europe January 2018  

Urgent Action Fund
International Human Rights Law Clinic University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
December 2017

The International Trans Fund (ITF) recently announced their second grantmaking cycle. ITF warmly welcome applications from trans-led groups with budgets below

The first edition of ILGA’s Trans Legal Mapping Report was released in November 2016. Available in English/Spanish.

Published by COC Netherlands, July 2017

Resource from FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund, November 2017

It Shows That People Care: LGBTI organisations fundraising from individuals in Europe and Central Asia Many LGBTI groups across Europe

This new guide, developed by ILGA-Europe and the Global Philanthropy Project, includes an overview of fundraising, frequently asked questions, 10 case studies, and guidance and resources to start or improve your fundraising.

Published on the AJWS Blog. Dave Scamell is the Director of International Advocacy at AJWS and co-chair of the GPP Trans* Funding Working Group. 

American Jewish World Service (AJWS), Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice (Astraea) and Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE), 2017

Au coeur de l’orage: La fermeture des espaces de la société civile LGBT au Kirghizistan, en Indonésie, au Kenya et

Global Action for Trans* Equality and Open Society Foundations, 2014.

New from Mama Cash and Urgent Action Fund, this report is a tool, resource, and testimony to inform the understanding of

GPP holds our Annual Member Meeting on July 13-14th in NYC. Members can find all materials at our password-protected event

Using family as a frame in social justice activism: A guide for activists and funders in Europe
Authors: Alice Coffin, Evelyne Paradis, Gordan Bosanac, Gráinne Healy, Julia Ehrt, Matthew Hart, Nicky McIntyre, Pav Akhtar, Peter Matjašič, Susan Treadwell
Compiled by Bruno Selun, June 2017

GPP Members are presenting a number of sessions focused on or including LGBTI issues at this year's International Human Rights

Snapshot of work of UN entities in combatting discrimination and violence based on SOGI, sex characteristics and related work in support ofLGBTI communities around the world, 2017.

GPP and our member fund UHAI EASHRI collaborated to organize a donor pre-conference in advance of the biennial gathering of

On June 8th, we co-sponsored a webinar on Digital Security in an Age of Hacking & Cyberthreats: What grantmakers should

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (LSVD), and GPP member Dreilinden hosted a

Dreilinden, 2014. German with an Executive Summary in English.

On “shrinking space”: a framing paper
Transnational Institute (TNI), 07 April 2017

STUDY: The Impact of International Counter-terrorism on Civil Society Organisations
Understanding the role of the Financial Action Taskforce
April 2017, Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service

In this Rainbow Talk delivered at the 2016 ILGA World Conference, Matthew Hart of the Global Philanthropy Project talks about

June 3-4th, the Pulitzer Center will host a Gender Lens Conference in Washington, DC at the National Press Club. GPP

At Funding Forward 2017, GPP hosted a breakfast meeting for grantmakers for a second year, with a great group of

At the Ariadne Annual Meeting in April 2017, GPP presented a session on “​The State of Lesbian Movements Across Europe

In this working paper for iNGOs, GPP Member Dreilinden presents essential demands of the 8th Rainbow Philanthropy Conference addressing LGBT* – and in some respects intersex – children in development cooperation.

Philanthropy Impact Magazine, Issue 15    

Introduction: The Arcus Foundation periodically issues requests for proposals (RFPs) to ensure its program portfolios remain responsive to new and

The Board and staff of Foundation for a Just Society welcome Nicky McIntyre as chief executive officer. She will be

New regional scoping study by The Other Foundation.

The GPP-UHAI Africa Donors Pre-Conference June 12th (from 1pm) - June 13th, 2017 Co-organised by the Global Philanthropy Project and
Creating a Just Resistance:
 Our Struggles, Our Strides… Save the Dates: June 12-16, 2017 June 12-13 Africa Donor Pre-Conference June

The Other Foundation has commissioned studies of ten countries in southern Africa.

Funders Concerned About AIDS, 2016 FCAA’s signature report, Philanthropic Support to Address HIV and AIDS, is the most comprehensive study

Promoting and Protecting the Human Rights  of LGBTI Persons around the World

Fullscreen Mode

Landscape analyses for Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kenya, Peru, South Africa (2015).

Grantmakers Resources on funding Intersex movements.

A collection of resources Promoting Open Space for LGBTI Civil Society.

A collection of resources from the Institute of Development Studies.

A collection of research and resources from UNDP.

Report of the 2016 New York High-Level Panel and Technical Seminar.
March 2016.

Author, Andrew Park, Esq.
Director International Programs, The Williams Institute
June 2016

Inclusive International Funders List and Education Resources for LGBTI Philanthropy.

The purpose of this document to provide a relevant comprehensive and fluid list of academic and funding opportunities for scholars and activists in the Global South.

In July, GPP brought together 15 members in Montevideo, Uruguay for our annual meeting and the Global LGBTI Human Rights

UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK PRESENTS The Perfect Storm: Closing Space for LGBT Civil Society in Kenya, Indonesia, Hungary

Attention, donors supporting trans* activism! GATE, AJWS and Astraea are fielding a new survey for trans* groups and programs. Trans

Haciendo un llamado a activistas trans! Al Fondo Trans Internacional (ITF por sus siglas en inglés) le emociona anunciar tres

The latest issue of ICNL’s Global Trends in NGO Law surveys trends affecting civic space in 2015-16.  It examines key

Comic Relief funding for HIV, Diversity and Dignity in Sub-Saharan Africa Today, Comic Relief is announcing a new HIV, Diversity

On September 14th, GPP organized a successful LGBTI Grantmaker Reception in London, co-hosted by Arcus Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Sigrid
The GPP Executive Committee is excited to announce that Ezra Nepon has been promoted to Program Officer and Matthew Hart

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
August 2016
Available in English, Spanish, Russian, and forthcoming in Chinese.

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice is proud to launch the report We Are Real: The Growing Movement Advancing the Human
Request for Proposals for an Administrative Host Organisation for the International Trans* Fund – Deadline Extended to September 14th, 2016

Poster on GPP’s research, presented at the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016).

July 15, 2016 Please join us for lunch and brief remarks from the Intersex Human Rights Fund’s advisors and grantee
Please join us for lunch and brief remarks from the Intersex Human Rights Fund’s advisors and grantee partners. Date/time: Friday,
July 12, 2016 GPP Annual Member Meeting GPP held our Annual Member Meeting on July 12th, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Seventeen

GPP Membership, July 2016

How governments in the Global North can effectively partner with intermediary organizations to support LGBTI communities in the Global South and East; Commissioned by Global Philanthropy Project, July 2016

A poster representing GPP's research and reporting, The Perfect Storm: The closing space for LGBT civil society in Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia,

Authors: Matthew Hart, Global Philanthropy Project and Ben Francisco Maulbeck, Funders for LGBTQ Issues
Published in the Civicus 2016 State of Civil Society Report, June 2016.

On June 28th, GPP held a lovely report launch and reception hosted by Foundation for a Just Society and co-hosted
The 2013-2014 Global Resources Report: Philanthropic & Government Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Communities is the most

Global Philanthropy Project and Funders for LGBTQ Issues, June 2016.

Civicus 2016 State of Civil Society Report In every corner of the world, LGBTI activists and allies have worked to
On May 24th, representatives from both Funders for LGBTQ Issues and Global Philanthropy Project gave a preview presentation of the

Survey jointly implemented by UNDP, Peking University Sociology Department and the Beijing LGBT Center, May 2016.

Aren’t those numbers Queer? This session sees the African launch of comprehensive data outlining the state of funding for lesbian, gay,

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, Global Trends in NGO Law, Volume 7, Issue 2 (May 2016).

Just a few days left to submit Mama Cash grant applications: May 31st deadline! Mama Cash supports ambitious feminist and

Funders Concerned about AIDS, December 2015.

The Perfect Storm: The closing space for LGBT civil society in Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Kenya, and Hungary." Author: Meg Davis Organizations
On April 26, 2016, GPP, along with Funders for LGBTQ Issues, co-sponsored a symposium, Putting the “T” in LGBT HIV
GPP Session: Closing Civil Society Space for LGBTI NGOs- Kenya, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, and Hungary International Civil Society Week (ICSW2016) in
GPP Session: Aren’t those numbers Queer? 7th Ariadne Annual Meeting & Policy Briefing in Tallinn, Estonia This session is the

Published by Ariadne – European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights, The International Human Rights Funders Group,
The European Foundation Centre. Visualisation by Foundation Center, 2015.

Published by Institute of Development Studies, October 2015.

On Tuesday, April 5, American Jewish World Service organized a closed briefing for U.S congressional staff on the human rights
A regional dialogue of more than 100 participants from 13 countries representing interested church groups and LGBTI organizations was convened by

Published by Ariadne (the European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights), the International Human Rights Funders Group (IHRFG), and the European Foundation Centre (EFC), February 2016.

From Ariadne: European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights, January 2016.

"Over lunch, representatives of the Open Society Foundation, the Global Philanthropy Project and American Jewish World Service discussed how LGBTQ
This breakfast meeting is a space for domestic US foundations and program officers currently considering or looking for more information
This breakfast meeting is a space for domestic US foundations and program officers currently considering or looking for more information
Sexual and Gender Self-determination for Children and Youth in Alternative Care Settings A resource for development INGOs.
More updates to come soon, including new research, calls for proposals, and more.

Stonewall International, January 2016.

Study commissioned and financed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2013.


Authors: Somjen Frazer and Erin Howe, Strength in Numbers Consulting Group for the GPP Trans* Working Group in collaboration with Arcus Foundation and Open Society Foundations, 2015.

Author: Gitta Zomorodi for Global Philanthropy Project, July 2015

A Community of Democracies project funded by Sweden, 2014

ILGA Europe, Charhon Consultants, January 2015

Prepared by Barbary Cook and Bia Vieira, Dragonfly Partners, January 2016
Commissioned by: GPP Bilaterals Working Group

Presented by Masen Davis, March 2016

Created by Arcus Foundation, 2016

Created by Urgent Action Fund, January 2016

Grantmaking and support for LGBTI issues in German development cooperation
Research prepared for HIVOS (Netherlands), April 2012

Author: Andrea Kämpf, for the German Institute for Human Rights and Dreilinden, October 2015.

Created by Mama Cash, Red Umbrella Fund, and Open Society Foundations

Commissioned by the the West Africa LGBTQ Activist Fund Brain Trust (American Jewish World Service, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Foundation for a Just Society, UHAI-EASHRI (East Africa Sexual Health and Rights Initiative), and the Queer African Youth Network)

Written by Irma V. González and Karen Kraan for GPP, February 2015

Written by Kris Abrams with Katherine Acey, for the Global Philanthropy Project, December 2011

Authors: Strength in Numbers Consulting Group
Commissioned by: GPP Trans* Working Group in collaboration Arcus Foundation and Open Society Foundations

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