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LGBTI youth are more likely to be homeless than their non-LGBTI peers.
The funds that do exist aren't necessarily reaching LGBTI Youth. Only 5% goes to individual supports and strengthening family efforts.
Support LGBTI Youth

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Elevate Children Funders Group y Global Philanthropy Project, 2021

Alliance Magazine, December 2021

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Commissioned by Elevate Children’s Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project, October 2019.

Using family as a frame in social justice activism: A guide for activists and funders in Europe
Authors: Alice Coffin, Evelyne Paradis, Gordan Bosanac, Gráinne Healy, Julia Ehrt, Matthew Hart, Nicky McIntyre, Pav Akhtar, Peter Matjašič, Susan Treadwell
Compiled by Bruno Selun, June 2017

In this working paper for iNGOs, GPP Member Dreilinden presents essential demands of the 8th Rainbow Philanthropy Conference addressing LGBT* – and in some respects intersex – children in development cooperation.