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Global Resistance to Anti-Gender Opposition

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

The report provides an illuminating look into activism in five countries, bringing to light how anti-gender governments and policies manifest in all parts of the world.

What is “anti-gender?” Anti-gender is an umbrella term describing ideologies that work to revoke and prevent the rights of LGBTQI+ people and criminalize their lives. Anti-gender actors work to deny access to fundamental human rights and primarily target women, trans, nonbinary, and intersex people.

“We dream of living in a world with social justice. We reach out to other movements and we see cis-heteropatriarchy replicated there. That is a shock. But it is still good that our horizon is to make that fair world a reality for all.” – Colombian activist

Astraea’s latest report gives a snapshot of what activists on the ground experience in their fight for liberation and their priorities for achieving that goal. The four main categories of needs identified are:

  • Financial resources
  • An enabling environment
  • Additional skills, knowledge, and strategies
  • Strong movements and inter-movement solidarity

In addition to the full report, you can also read an executive summary and a one-page overview with highlights from each section, all on Astraea’s website. Global Resistance to Anti-gender Movements is a collaboration between LGBTQI+ activists in Colombia, India, Kenya, Peru, Serbia, and the United States through surveys, focus groups, and community scholarship.

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