Responding to ‘Anti-Gender Ideology’ (RAGI)

GPP plays a leading role in developing and influencing the field of philanthropic responses to the increasing threat that anti-gender and more broadly anti-rights movements pose, including to the lives of LGBTI people across different contexts worldwide.

Our work includes organizing donor convenings and trainings, mobilizing resources, and producing critical knowledge to support coordinated and robust philanthropic responses.

Examples include: 

Since September 2021, GPP is the convener of a task force focused on philanthropic responses to anti-gender issues. Over 50 philanthropic organizations and networks reflecting a range of grantmaking focus across geographies and issues participate. Task force members meet monthly to share data and analysis; cultivate knowledge, skills, and capacity; activate philanthropic leadership to fund bold and inventive responses; and play a key role in developing GPP research and events. The task force is open to all donors, regardless of their membership status with GPP, and is coordinated by Jennifer Redner, GPP’s Advisor for Gender Justice and Equity.

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