In service of Global Philanthropy Project’s goal to cultivate and deepen the knowledge, skills, and capacity of GPP members and other funders, GPP often organizes and hosts regional donor consultations. These events include conferences, meetings, receptions, and panels focused on global LGBTI issues, produced in collaboration with member and partner organizations. Through these events, GPP aims to engage key public and private funders, donor governments, high net worth individual donors, corporate donor leaders, thought leaders, and other partners in support of global LGBTI issues.

Previous Convenings

“Great job! The report is not only so helpful and info packed but beautiful.”

“Inspiring to hear how others see the report being used in their contexts. Looking forward to making the case for more diverse funding for the LGBTI movement – thanks for this tool!”

“Thank you for providing this valuable insight into a critical question for our movement, and for the tools to support out advocacy!”

  — 2019-2020 Global Resources Report Webinar Launch attendees, 2022