Through these events, GPP engages key public and private funders, donor governments, high net wealth individual donors, wealth advisories, corporate donor leaders, and other thought leaders and partners in support of global LGBTI issues.

In service of our goal to cultivate and deepen the knowledge, skills, and capacity of GPP members and other funders, GPP organizes and hosts regional and global donor convenings. These events include conferences, meetings, receptions, and panels focused on global LGBTI issues, produced in collaboration with member and partner organizations.

Upcoming events

What is a GPP Donor Pre-Conference?

Global Philanthropy Project’s Donor Pre-Conference (DPC) model creates programmatic and relational incentives for grantmakers (philanthropic donors, government development actors, high net wealth individuals, and others) to participate in donor education, research sharing, networking, and regionally specific dialogues related to issues impacting LGBTI communities. DPCs are often held before or after a large civil society gathering.

GPP organized its first donor pre-conference in 2013, and has continued to convene donors for these events multiple times a year, generally in collaboration with significant global or regional events bringing together advocates for LGBTI human rights. Learn more about our partners in co-convening public and private events.

Who Should Attend

The DPC’s priority attendees include representatives of member organizations and other foundations, government and multilateral donors, individual high-net wealth donors, and philanthropic advisors. This includes representatives of intermediary funders who are primarily or solely grantmakers and representatives of Donor Advised Funds.

Intermediaries who are not primarily grantmakers are welcome to attend, with some limitations.

  • Limit of one senior representative who is actively grantmaking in the region or theme of convening focus and responsible for the related grantmaking area. Development officers are not appropriate attendees.
  • Grantmaking staff participating in the convening are eligible to participate in sessions, panels, and advisory committees.

GPP donor-focused events generally do not include civil society participants, however some representatives may be invited to participate in panels or sessions as presenters.

Highlights from past events

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