In service of Global Philanthropy Project’s goal to cultivate and deepen the knowledge, skills, and capacity of GPP members and other funders, GPP often organizes and hosts regional donor consultations. These events include conferences, meetings, receptions, and panels focused on global LGBTI issues, produced in collaboration with member and partner organizations. Through these events, GPP aims to engage key public and private funders, donor governments, high net worth individual donors, corporate donor leaders, thought leaders, and other partners in support of global LGBTI issues.

Previous Convenings

“I’ve been reflecting on the meeting a lot. It helped me think through how we can respond to this moment more effectively (including through new collaborations), but also how we can help advance the vision that was put forward. It was good for my soul to be in a room with such a diverse, informed, and creative bunch of individuals from across a range of movements. The ambition and urgency and collective thinking you engaged has made me more more hopeful for the future, so thank you on a personal level!”

  Narrative Imperative attendee, 2019

“As a first-time attendee, it was a wonderful chance to get a sense of what is going on in-region and who the other donors are. It helps us to reflect and enhance our focus. We would love to see similar conferences for other parts of the world.”

  — CFCS donor pre-conference attendee, 2019

Previous Webinars

“So well presented. Great clarity. Very powerful.”

“Amazing space for reflection. I needed this but didn’t know how badly. More of these, please!”

“I appreciated the clear and structured overview I got on this call.”

“This is brilliant research. Thank you for the leadership.”

— Webinar reviews 2019-20