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In-Person Coordination Meeting at Ariadne/HRFN 2024 on Responding to Anti-Gender Ideology (RAGI)

april 24 - april 24, 2024

1:30 pm - 6:00 pm (GMT+04:00)

Tbilisi, Georgia

Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) invites you to a half-day (four-hour) in-person meeting to shape philanthropic responses to anti-gender ideology. This meeting will occur on Wednesday (24 April) as part of Ariadne and HRFN’s upcoming conferences and is organized by GPP in consultation with the Responding to Anti-Gender Ideology Task Force.

Wednesday is a joint day for participants of Ariadne’s 2024 Annual Reconnect (22-24 April) and HRFN’s Funding Futures Festival (24-26 April) in Tbilisi, Georgia. GPP’s event will provide a space for conference attendees interested in RAGI to engage in in-depth learning and coordination with other human rights foundations from around the world. 

The objective of the RAGI Philanthropic Coordination Meeting is to contribute to ongoing coordination and mobilization efforts to accelerate discussions that coordinate and de-silo our work for a more robust and coordinated response to anti-gender and anti-rights movements. The in-person meeting will focus on strategic funding discussions with tangible outcomes and provide a dedicated time and space for grantmakers to share information, co-create or hone strategies, and develop and strengthen relationships. 


All attendees must be registered for HRFN’s and/or Ariadne’s conference. In addition, you must register for this half-day event using the link below. 

Prior to the in-person meeting on 24 April, approved registrants will receive a link to a required webinar recording to prepare for the meeting. The recording covers current philanthropic activities, a review of key research and trends, and important perspectives from grantees and movement leadership. This pre-webinar will be a primer and intended to provide context and background to support our in-person time to be a pragmatic and working meeting.

Who can participate?

Please note: To attend this meeting, you must be a grantmaker and registered for Ariadne’s 2024 Annual Reconnect and/or HRFN Festival. 
  • Representatives of grantmaking organizations and other foundations (private/public)
  • Government and multilateral donors
  • Individual high net wealth (HNW) donors and philanthropic advisors (including representatives of intermediary funders who are primarily or solely grantmakers)
  • Intermediaries

Space is limited. 

Once you have submitted your registration request, you will receive a confirmation email whether we can accommodate your participation in Tbilisi. 

GPP’s Philanthropic Response to Anti-gender Movements

This meeting is part of GPP’s leadership in mobilizing robust, well-informed, and coordinated philanthropic responses to “anti-gender” and “anti-rights” forces. Since 2017, GPP has engaged over 500 grantmakers and 100+ civil society thought leaders in convenings, webinars, and other organizing spaces on this topic in order to realize the world we seek, where everyone’s rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled without discrimination or violence, including based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual characteristics. Learn more.

GPP hosts a grantmaker-only task force on Responding to “Anti-Gender Ideology” (RAGI), which seeks to build well-informed, bold, and effective philanthropic initiatives to address anti-gender and anti-rights issues. Since September 2021, more than 40 members of the RAGI Task Force have met monthly to share information, produce collective analysis, build strategic collaborations, and manage an additional research agenda. The members also play a key role in developing GPP research and events. The task force is open to all donors, regardless of their membership status with GPP. To indicate an interest in joining the RAGI Task Force, please click here.

About the host conferences

About Ariadne

Ariadne – European Funders for Social Change and Human Rights (Ariadne) is a European peer-to-peer network of funders that seeks to improve donors’ understanding of current human rights issues and what the opportunities may be for addressing them, encourage collaboration and cooperation among donors when collaboration could lead to better outcomes, and support new grant-makers entering the field.

Ariadne’s Annual Reconnect (22-24 April) involves dynamic plenary sessions, a range of visits to local movements of interest to human rights and social change funders, and facilitated open spaces to discuss relevant themes in grantmaking.

About Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN)

Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN) is a network of funders in the global south, east, and north dedicated to resourcing human rights action around the world. For almost 30 years, HRFN has brought funders together to collaborate, strategize, and advance the field of global human rights grantmaking. Today, HRFN relentlessly builds toward justice, works with love, and serves as a space for funders to strategize together and with movements.

HRFN’s Funding Futures Festival (24-26 April) will touch upon issues such as climate justice, racial and gender justice, crisis and closing civic space, resistance to imperialism, etc., through three types of sessions: Discovery Journeys, Open Gallery, and Lightning Talks.

The 24th of April will overlap both events with joint sessions and center on engagement with civil society organizations in Tbilisi and other regions in partnership with Women’s Fund in Georgia. GPP’s event will take place in the afternoon and provide a space for in-depth learning and coordination around RAGI.


Where do I register?

Click here to register for GPP’s Responding to Anti-Gender Ideology Philanthropic Coordination In-Person Meeting at Ariadne/ HRFN 2024. Please remember to register before March 25th. GPP will send a registration confirmation with details and support materials once final registration and participation is determined.

How many people can register per organization?

Space is limited to 80 people. Organizations with multiple staff members attending Ariadne or HRFN should delegate a staff member with working knowledge and a topical grantmaking portfolio to attend.

Is it necessary to be a GPP member to participate?

No, you do NOT need to be a GPP member or participate in the RAGI Task Force to participate.

Do you have to attend Ariadne or HRFN’s event to attend this meeting?

Yes, you must register for either Ariadne’s 2024 Annual Reconnect or HRFN’s Funding Futures Festival to attend this meeting.

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