GPP Structures

Global Philanthropy Project is organized through a core Executive Committee and a number of working groups, task forces, and advisory committees.

GPP is a key source of strategic research and analysis for global LGBTI funders. GPP also plays a central role in convening philanthropists and human rights activists for opportunities to increase knowledge, skills and capacities towards expanding global LGBTI funding. These convening spaces include donor pre-conferences during regional LGBTI convenings, funder webinars, and report release events.

GPP activities are organized through a number of structures including task forces, working groups, and advisory committees.

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body, click here to learn more about Governance.

Task Forces

Government & Multilateral Funding

GPP members strategize and collaborate through this task force to increase the amount and influence the type of multilateral and bilateral aid and development funding dedicated to global LGBTI issues.

Trans and Intersex Funding

GPP mobilizes new research and supports collaborative funding efforts towards increasing the amount and influencing the type of funding dedicated to trans and intersex issues globally.

Responding to “Anti-Gender Ideology” (RAGI)

GPP mobilizes coordinated philanthropic responses to “anti-gender” issues, holding a critical role in the ecosystem of grantmakers, philanthropic networks, and other systems of decision-makers and thought-leaders engaged in this work.


Standing Committee

GPP uses research, donor convenings, and other donor education opportunities to increase and influence the type of philanthropic giving from individual donors toward global LGBTI causes.

Advisory Committees

GPP regularly forms focused advisory committees to provide leadership and oversight on specific research and donor convening activities.

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