GPP Co-Chairs

GPP Staff

J. Bob Alotta, GPP Co-Chair

J. Bob Alotta

Executive Committee Co-Chair

Headshot of Adrian Coman

Adrian Coman

Executive Committee Co-Chair

Matthew Hart is the Director of Global Philanthropy Project.  Founder and Principle of the Paris-based Lafayette Practice, Hart is the President of the Board of Directors of the Calamus Foundation (DE), and a Board member of Funders for LGBTQ Issues. Formerly, Hart has served as Senior Strategist for Europe for Funders Concerned about AIDS, and National Director for Public Engagement at Solutions for Progress. He has been a member of The Civil Marriage Collaborative, the community funding board of the Bread & Roses Fund, and the Philadelphia Cultural Fund; and Board Member of the Sustainable Business Network and The Leeway Foundation for Women and the Arts. A Jonathan Lax Academic Fellow, Hart received degrees in Urban Studies and Cultural Anthropology from Temple University.

Matthew Hart



Ezra Berkley Nepon

Program Officer

Executive Committee
Members at Large:

Maxim Anmeghichean
Open Society Foundations, Program Officer Open Society Human Rights Initiative

Shalini Eddens
Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, Director of Programs

Dave Scamell
American Jewish World Service, Associate Director Sexual Health and Rights

GPP Working Group Chairs

Michael Heflin, Bilateral Working Group Co-Chair

Michael Heflin

Co-chair, Bilateral Working Group

Alli Jernow, Bilateral Working Group Co-Chair

Alli Jernow

Co-Chair, Bilateral Working Group

Dave Scamell, Trans Funding Working Group Co-Chair

Dave Scamell

Co-Chair, Trans* Funding Working Group

Happy Kinyili, Trans Funding Working Group Co-Chair

Happy Kinyili

Co-Chair, Trans* Funding Working Group


Wiktor Dynarski

Co-Chair, Intersex Funding Working Group


Ruth Baldacchino

Co-Chair, Intersex Funding Working Group