GPP’s 20 member organizations include many of the leading global funders and philanthropic advisors for LGBTI rights.


GPP membership is open to staff and trustees of foundations that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Funders whose primary function is grantmaking;
  • Funders working to expand global philanthropy to support the human rights of LGBTI people in the Global South and East;
  • Public, private, individual, faith-based, and corporate funders.  


GPP’s work towards increasing resources for LGBTI work in the Global South and East, including:

  • Research and Publications;
  • Donor-focused convenings, pre-conferences, symposiums, institutes, and regionally focused consultations around the globe;
  • Regular briefings and webinars to educate members and other funders on emerging issues in global LGBTI funding;
  • Joint advocacy and collaborative initiatives to grow the number of LGBTI funders and the amount of support reaching LGBTI communities in the Global South and East.

Click each logo to learn more about each GPP member.

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Twitter Feeds

Human Rights Advocates Program @ishrcolumbia is looking to sponsor LGBT advocates from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean or Eastern and Southern Africa for the 2020 HRAP program, a human rights capacity-building program. Apply now!

Position available:

Join @AstraeaUpdates, GATE, @GPP_Updates & @ajws for a Grantmakers Webinar launching 2 new briefs on The State of Trans and Intersex Funding around the world:
DATE: 9 Oct @ 10:00am ET
#FundTrans #FundIntersex #FundingTogether #Grants #philanthropy #webinar

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Anoche, 13 miembros de @UnidadNic fueron secuestrados por la Policía Nacional de Nicaragua. Exijo la liberación inmediata de ellos y los más de 130 presos políticos que siguen detenidos en Nicaragua. #SOSNicaragua

Last night, 13 members from @UnidadNic were kidnapped by the Nicaraguan National Police. I call for their immediate and unconditional release, along with the release of the other 130+ political prisoners in Nicaragua. #SOSNicaragua

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In Honduras, the identities of trans people are not recognized. "We cannot access basic rights, like having a job or being called by our name," says @CATTRACHAS' Nahil Zerón, whose chosen first name means "strong." #TransgenderAwarenessWeek

Every November, we participate in Transgender Awareness Week & Transgender Day of Remembrance. Learning how to center and amplify the voices of transgender people in the LGBTQ community is vital as we continue to fight for inclusion of all LGBTQ folks. #TransgenderAwarenessWeek

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Compartimos la narración de Navin, convertida en una historieta gracias a @Supnem. Acá se evidencia el peligro constante que vive a diario una persona #trans y cómo resulta más vulnerables en estos días de represión sistemática.

#GritaTuNombre #Chile

2019 #AceyAward recipient Brenda Joyce Crawford has been in the thick of social justice work for over five decades. Today, she lives in California and fights for cannabis justice for seniors. Get to know her:

Brenda Joyce Crawford is an unapologetic butch woman who has been in the thick of social justice work for over five decades. This year, we're honored to call her one of our 2019 #AceyAward recipients.

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A review of the last ten years of 'creative ageing' by @RGordon_Nesbitt and @KingsCollegeLon is now online!
Verdict? Flourishing but there will be more to do to offer equal creative opportunities to full diversity of our older population

Please help us share this urgent Crowd Justice appeal to ensure Councils offer safe and supportive accommodation to survivors of Domestic Violence.
@Baring_Found @SolaceWomensAid @nia_endingVAWG
@womensaid @NZF_org_uk @GalopUK @SistersUncut @SBSisters

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Why are personal stories by intersex people important?

JOIN US in creating more visibility of the lived experiences of intersex people by sharing your OWN story with the hashtag #MyIntersexStory during Intersex Awareness Weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 8)

Still as glad to be a longtime Astraea supporter. They represent what is great in "America". Here's to international solidarity.

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.@BrooklynMuseum's @annepasternak lays out the hard questions #philanthropy is asking itself today. This is philanthropy now. #GenerositytoJustice #Giving Tuesday

posits a new vision for #philanthropy in the 21st century - ft. the leaders shaping its future. Get the e-book and audiobook. or see link in bio. #GenerositytoJustice

.@DarrenWalker posits a new vision for #philanthropy in the 21st century - ft. the leaders shaping its future. Get the e-book and audiobook. or see link in bio. #GenerositytoJustice

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We need feminist internet to create safer and secure space online where our bodily autonomy is respected and we get to exercise our agency for women, queers and others marginalised groups #Bojubajailive

Women’s funds build power by taking a collaborative approach to #philanthropy, says @mamacash.

“It's our single biggest evidence of what young feminist organizing can do when given the right amount of support at the right time.”

@FRIDAfund shares the process of documentation in a way that captures the spirit of young feminist organizing.

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When a rural community in #Honduras had their #LandRights violated, they protested.

When the state responded, they needed legal help. That's where Denia came in. Watch the full story here:

Measuring #impact is more than just a numbers game.

Our Vice President for Programs, David Mattingly, explains what #donors should be looking for to see if their money is making a mark.

The news can be depressing these days, but beyond the headlines, courageous #activists are doing amazing work.

Our #HopeInAction campaign is sharing their stories.

Find out more about the campaign here:

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We believe in the power of women to change their own lives, their communities, and the world for the better. We need people like you to join our community of champions to help us get resources and attention to where they’re most critically needed.

“My life has changed a lot since my involvement with @Asso_Apfg ...I am respected in my village community. I think I’ve been able to get the village enthusiastic about women’s empowerment."—Yeri Sali Youl in Burkina Faso.

By sharing the stories of brave women and groups who are fighting for gender equality, we bring attention to the critical issues that they face and show how, with your support, we can bring about lasting change.

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Blogs are a great way to find ones voice with the potential to speak to millions of people. We should encourage more avenues of expression and share success stories like that of Esther Mwema. #DadasRising #ICPD25 #ICPDyouth

25 million abortions worldwide are UNSAFE according to the @UN. See how our @DigiDefenders has been helping provide access to #safeabortion without endangering themselves or others: #ICPD25 #SRHR

A Tunisian politician accused of sexual harassment scandal was granted parliamentary immunity yesterday - if the law is interpreted to suspend the case against him “this would make parliament a place to flee from [criminal] charges.” #enazeda #metoo

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¡La #SemanaEnergía2019 de @OLADEORG se llenó de voces de mujeres poderosas de toda América Latina!

Conocimos historias de mujeres de Centro y Suramérica para co crear ideas que cambien vidas en la región.

Conozcan más aquí 👇👇👇

Cerramos la #SemanaEnergia2019 con el taller de intercambio de experiencias sobre las metas del sector energía en las NDC junto a autoridades de los países del SICA.

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Congratulations to Zimbabwe for delivering it's #ICPDNairobiSummit commitments to fulfilling the promise @UNFPA_Zimbabwe @SwedeninZW @hivosrosa @sarsyc

Zero is the only acceptable target for unmet need for family planning and preventable martenal death , words from @Atayeshe #ICPDNairobiSummit #SAYWHATatICPD25 @sarsyc @rhrnzw @ZTNnews @263Chat @advocatemahere @UNFPA_Zimbabwe @SwedeninZW @hivosrosa @CafeSRHR @CanEmbZimbabwe

Students going through a condom education session from University of Zimbabwe peer educatiotors during a health fair. #SmartChoicesforSmartLearners #A4C @SwedeninZW @UNFPA_Zimbabwe @UNZimbabwe @hivosrosa @naczim @MoHCCZim

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Yes! Our video “Healthy Generations Ahead” is officially out - and online! Produced in Indonesia, where we filmed a school teacher, a culinary entrepreneur and a policy maker. All striving for a healthy Indonesia...
#Indonesia #foodvoices #video

“If the gov’t does not educate the community, #healthydiets diets will be replaced totally by fast food”. Jono Wasinudin (Head of Ledokombo Subdistrict in Indonesia) on building healthy community
@Hivos @IIED @BrandOutLoud @Tanoker #sustainablediets

“Jika pemerintah tidak mengedukasi masyarakat, pangan sehat akan tergantikan dengan makanan cepat saji”. Haji Jono Wasinudin (Camat Ledokombo di Indonesia) berbicara mengenai membangun masyarakat sehat.
@Hivos @IIED @BrandOutLoud @Tanoker

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What’s the @AfricaCrossroad all about & how does it link a community of creatives together w/ policy makers& experts when it comes to innovation in #African cities? Catch @hivosroea’s @anthonywafula & Azza Satti- a Film curator on @KTNKenya’s Bottomline segment

What’s the @AfricaCrossroad all about & how does it link a community of creatives together w/ policy makers& experts when it comes to innovation in #African cities? Catch @hivosroea’s @anthonywafula & Azza Satti- a Film curator on @KTNKenya’s Bottomline segment

African cities are alive & full of culture. But how well are they harnessing efforts in innovation around:
🥘 Sustainable food
💦 Clean water
🔥 Clean energy
🌇 Future cities
Meet the 2nd #AfricanCrossroads connecting African creatives, doers & innovators! @hivos

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Congratulations to Horizons supporter and Advisory Council member Alvin Baum! His philanthropy in support of Jewish and LGBTQ people is an inspiration.

It's Trans Awareness Week! Trans students, across San Francisco, the larger Bay Area, and the country, deserve an inclusive, welcoming school environment.

Our very own Incoming CEO and National Campaign Director, @KaseySuffredini, will be speaking on this panel!

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Het is naar om te zien dat er morgen weer een anti-abortus mars plaatsvindt in Nederland. Nog altijd is het recht van de vrouw om zelf over zwangerschap te beslissen onvolledig zoals @zohramoosa en @myratermeulen begin dit jaar nog schreven.

Yes! And don't make us conform & jump through hoops to get funding!

-We are not mini development agencies
- We do not need fancy acronym-filled capacity building workshops

We just need #TrustBasedGrants like those from #MamaCash - Help us get on with the work!

📣For the second year, DCAF is pleased to launch the Security and Human Rights Grant, that will award to two to three innovative projects coming from local organizations based in the Global South
📅The call for proposals is open until the 15 November 2019

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“Trafficking and exploitation is not only about numbers, it’s about people’s lives,” says Marija Andelkovic, president of Serbia-based ASTRA. Learn more about @tragfondacija’s work with organisations like ASTRA to combat human trafficking in the Balkans here:


MHT supporting #SustainableDevelopment Goals.

SDG 17: "Partnerships for the goals - Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development."

@UN_SDG @SDGaction @SDG2030


Marine iguanas forage on algae underwater and can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes! Learn more about these sea-faring reptiles in our Marine Life Encyclopedia:

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#MeToo and the Next ICC Prosecutor: Assessing Sexual Misconduct as Part of the “High Moral Character” Requirement

“The legacy of colonial violence has deep implications for the ways that racism and imbalances of power are perpetuated today,” @patrickgaspard on the importance of restoring Africa’s cultural heritage and our new art restitution initiative.

"Death surrounds us."

Radhya al-Mutawakel of our grantee @mwatanaen on the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen.

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The Open Society Public Health Program invites concept notes from consortiums in Europe to explore ethnic discrimination and racism as crosscutting issues with mental health in Roma communities.

This call for proposals is open to NGOs registered in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia who support civil society groups working on the rule of law, anticorruption, and press freedom in these countries.

The Education Support Program and the Early Childhood Program of the Open Society Foundations are welcoming proposals to improve the educational opportunities of marginalized children in Hungary.

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Join us on Monday for "From Shock to Awe," a documentary screening as a part of our @OpenSociety series with @OSFKasia. For details visit:

Deep funding cuts to civil society organizations threaten to derail progress of Mexico’s strong HIV prevention and treatment model, putting vulnerable populations particularly at risk. via @ForeignPolicy

A new curriculum by @DrugPolicyOrg offers comprehensive lessons on how substances work and teaches harm-reduction methods. More transparent discussions about substance use gives students the tools to make safer choices. @knewfornews

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@hivos employee honored @OtherFoundation for expanding space for #LGBT+ activism. An honor for her exemplary & long-standing contribution, at great personal sacrifice, in cultivating strong LGBT+ movements & the legacy she is leaving to younger generations


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I’m offering a free mentoring/editing session (worth £150) to an aspiring LGBTQ+ writer. No strings attached. Apply by 30 November 🏳️‍🌈

Deeply concerned that writer Ahmet Altan is facing the threat of re-arrest following his release from prison in Turkey last week.

@philippesands @pen_int @Soc_of_Authors @GrantaBooks @canongatebooks #FreeTurkeyMedia

The End Violence Against Women (EVAW) coalition formally lodged proceedings in the high court against the CPS, alleging that its internal practices have led to a collapse in the number of defendants charged. @EVAWuk Read here:

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In the spirit of the season! Happy Fall, y’all! 🍁🍂

#Fall #FallofthePatriarchy #WHRD #Activism #HumanRights

Top 10 countries that have achieved gender equality:


There are none.

We need to step up our efforts for a better future. #GenerationEquality

#AcciónUrgente 🇧🇴🆘
En estos momentos de inestabilidad política y social en los que la violencia y el racismo se incrementan, alertamos a la comunidad internacional sobre el avance de los fundamentalismos políticos y religiosos en #Bolivia

@IM_Defensoras @Fondo_ApthapiJ @CIDH

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Nana Darkoa is a feminist writer and blogger from Ghana. She founded the blog "Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women".
#MFIAfrica #feministinternet @APC_News @GenderITorg @nas009 @adventurefrom

Did you know that in 2017 alone, @awdf01 @Ffcrdc1 @WomenFundTz @UAFAfrica who make up Prospera Africa have collectively disbursed 214 grants across 32 countries in Africa and MENA. @InfoAPN #GivingAndPower #APN

This article is on point! Thank you @UAFAfrica for stating it so clearly: Movement building & strengthening is not a straightforward affair. However, whilst managing the rhythms, and navigating challenges, and opportunities – it catalyses collective power!

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Dear Friends,

As you know we are currently in the process of reviewing our strategic plan,
Kindly find an online survey to fill in available in the three languages of our support;

Good morning partners and friends, we are in the critical process of our strategic planning of the year 2020-2024: in our participatory approach, we are engaging our movements because we want to be influenced by the voices and opinions of communities we partner with and serve.



The Sex Work Donor Collaborative (SWDC) is excited to launch a call for a consultant/team of consultants to explore the key data needed to make a case to increase funding for sex workers' rights.

DEADLINE: 23.59 East Africa Time, Wednesday 7th August 2019.

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