GPP’s 20 member organizations include many of the leading global funders and philanthropic advisors for LGBTI rights.


GPP membership is open to staff and trustees of foundations that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Funders whose primary function is grantmaking;
  • Funders working to expand global philanthropy to support the human rights of LGBTI people in the Global South and East;
  • Public, private, individual, faith-based, and corporate funders.  


GPP’s work towards increasing resources for LGBTI work in the Global South and East, including:

  • Research and Publications;
  • Donor-focused convenings, pre-conferences, symposiums, institutes, and regionally focused consultations around the globe;
  • Regular briefings and webinars to educate members and other funders on emerging issues in global LGBTI funding;
  • Joint advocacy and collaborative initiatives to grow the number of LGBTI funders and the amount of support reaching LGBTI communities in the Global South and East.

Click each logo to learn more about each GPP member.

Click here to view GPP member’s Twitter feeds.

Twitter Feeds

Webinar Launch: Funder Briefing the State of Trans Funding and Funder Briefing the State of Intersex Funding.V2- Oct 9 @ajws @AstraeaUpdates @GATEOrg

GPP at NEDWA, September 26-29 2019 a donor only event. Pls consider joining other interested grantmakers

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Congratulations Rabbi Elyse Wechterman on receiving a 2019-20 @ajws Global Justice Fellowship. Rabbi Wechterman is the executive director of @ReconRabbis.

Thank you @SenatorShaheen for your steadfast commitment to protect the right to access reproductive health care and education. #NoGagRule

As #FinancingTheFuture concludes, the message is clear: renewable energy must be clean AND just - with #HumanRights at the core.

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It’s finally #BiWeek!!!!

💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙 💗💜💙

September 15 - October 15 is #LatinxHeritageMonth! This month we celebrate revolutionaries and thought leaders of Latinx heritage.

While the majority of Americans across all religious groups support employment nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people, the law is less straightforward. via @LambdaLegal, @lgbtmap

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Jewish groups & Mijente are rallying in Palo Alto & New York, reminding Palantir that it's complicit in human rights abuses.
#NeverAgain means enacting the lessons we learn from history, including not collaborating w/tyranny.

Check out our new #Philanthropy OUTlook: #LGBTQ #Education Issues #infographic 📘🎓✏️. Produced in partnership with @SchottFound.

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Our first training event part of our wider programme of #dementia inclusive #music events is on this Sat, 14 Sep at @HorsecrossPerth. There are a few places left so if you'd like to develop your knowledge of dementia inclusive #singing activities, join us!

New Zealand's Coffin Club is one of the most innovative and moving arts projects in our forthcoming round-up of international creative ageing projects: @AgeofCreativity @Artsincarehomes @ace_national

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Still as glad to be a longtime Astraea supporter. They represent what is great in "America". Here's to international solidarity.

Justus Eisfeld, Claudia Bollwinkel and I bring together LGBTIQ Human Rights and sustainable giving Methods. What impact will a book out of Germany have, internationally? nimmt Fahrt auf Richtung Regenbogen - @foldenburg packt Kohlen unter den Heizkessel! Danke Felix - Thanks @foldengurg for being there to do some heavy lifting.

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Honored to have created a poster for #RealizingDemocracy. Download all the posters, and learn more, by visiting!

We just launch a NEW SERIES of free high res downloads around the theme of #RealizingDemocracy, which is a year-long learning series led by @fordfoundation asking what it would take to realize the full promise of democracy in the United States. Artwork by @tracieching

Key observations from @meganfrancis: 1) “the people most impacted should be leading the change” 2) we need to think abt funding movements instead of funding issues (echoing earlier 🔥 comments from @HelenGymAtLarge). Critical thinking on freedom, inequality & #RealizingDemocracy

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Discover how @Tewaforwomen, Nepal's first and only women’s fund, addresses injustices through transformative initiatives led by local community philanthropy.

“People most directly impacted best understand the urgency for change and action.”

@GroundswellFund illuminates the power of women of color grassroots organizers to lead transformative change in their latest report.

Who is democracy working for? ✅ Who is it excluding? ❌ And how can we change that? ⁣⁣🙋🏽‍♀️
We invited @5050oD and @StemopeenVrouw to lend us their feminist perspectives for this special International #DayofDemocracy episode. Tune in!

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We just wanted to thank everyone who's following us🙏

You're helping the #HumanRights movement and our grantees increase their reach and impact.

Keep your eyes on our channels for some exciting news coming soon 👀

Great to see Fund grantee @refugeelawproj undertaking #ChildProtection and #Safeguarding training in #Uganda 🇺🇬

Focusing on children's psychological and #MentalHealth needs is vital to securing their wellbeing 💭

Thank you to @lisamwitter of @apoliticalco, The #Conduit and all who kindly attended this event.

Many thanks to @bonniesychiu for the picture.

Find out more about the Fund's work:

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Recent conflicts around the globe—in the DRC, Syria, Iraq, Colombia, Guatemala, and elsewhere—have put women and girls at risk. We support groups that address gender-based violations of rights and support survivors of violence seeking reparations.

The future of women’s human rights depends on a strong pipeline of diverse young women leaders, plus creating opportunities for leaders from different generations & movements to learn from each other. We want to contribute to new models of leadership.

214 million women worldwide want, but lack access to, contraception. And more than 800 women die daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy & childbirth. All women should be able to make their own decisions about their sexuality & sexual health.

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Great blog by @hivosroea Director @MendiNjonjo about #dresscode and #sexualharassment: ‘Weaponized’ dress code and Kenyan workplaces

.@hivos & #AlianzaCeibo organized a "learning journey" for #IndigenousPeoples from Brazil, Ecuador & Peru to visit the @CofanesS community, learn about their fight to defend their territory and exchange strategies/lessons learned. #AllEyesontheAmazon

Our Food Change Lab with @IIED is 1 of @futureoffoodorg's #BeaconsOfHope. In #Zambia we're using it to get #beyondmaize asap! Food system change is complex, but this is how to do it from the bottom up: writes @FrankMechielsen in his latest blog.

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¿Qué pasa cuando reunimos activistas LGBTI+ de América Latina y el Caribe en un Laboratorio de movilización para la creación de campañas? @michjonescr nos lo cuenta aquí.

En el viaje de aprendizaje a la comunidad Cofán de Sinangoe, escuchamos las voces de lucha y resistencia amazónicas. Los pueblos de Brasil, Ecuador y Perú intercambiaron ideas y lecciones para seguir protegiendo su territorio y poner #TodosLosOjosEnLaAmazonía

“El cambio viene desde lo sociocultural, es ahí donde entramos las y los activistas a exigir, demandar y cambiar la realidad.” 

Elliot Zeballos, activista por los derechos LGBTI+ en Bolivia

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If you're a hub and interested in taking part, please do apply! @youthforinnov @yieldzw @MultimediaBox @techvillagezw @innov4africa @amaguguheritage @BYOgallery @CulxureMagZim @hivosrosa @girlsinstemzw @friendsofindigo @zwBritish @SkyzMetroFM

On our opinion today we look at what
Our Campaign is doing in Kilifi County to help Reduce Tennage Pregnancy
#YouthCanke #YouthnaplanKe #Youth4SRHR #Youthsafespace @safecommunity4 @dsw_intl @DSWKenya @hivosrosa @PwaniYouth @YouthActKE @RHRNKenya @CafeSRHR @amplifyfund

@kwirirayi @ZimFact @VoluntaryMedia @hivosrosa Discussion on fake news. Trust in the media has fallen on a global scale. Politicians are the biggest source of news and they are not trusted too. Its a crisis #HivosROOM #PastMeetsFuture

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Discover #PanganBijakNusantara and join our cooking demo with Chef Norman today at 10 am!
We will present local, fair, healthy and sustainable food.

@WWF_ID @asppuk @ntfpepindonesia @RumahAMAN

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Read on @hivosroea from @WilkistaAkinyi: Musings on renewable energy ‘gatherings’, #RenewableEnergy #RenewablesEA

#Announcement: Have you heard of our new Creative Hubs Academy in partnership with @ghBritish & @nesta_uk? Calling on all East Africa-based creative, social innovation and digital hubs to be part of this learning journey. Deadline: 15 Sept. 2019

#Announcement: Have you heard of our new Creative Hubs Academy in partnership with @ghBritish & @nesta_uk? Calling on all East Africa-based creative, social innovation and digital hubs to be part of this learning journey. Deadline: 15 Sept. 2019

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Join the @GiveOut_Org team! We’re looking for someone with #communications & #events experience who’s passionate about #LGBTQI #humanrights to become our Events and Communications Intern. Deadline for applications 9 Sep 2019. #vacancy #jobsearch #london

Are you curious about what GATE got up to in 2018?

Find out more by reading our #AnnualReport!

#trans #intersex #transrights #intersexrights #HIVTransLeadership #UNTransAdvocacy

Proud to have written this for @TheLancetHIV with my fierce colleagues @WeAreIRGT @GATEOrg @ZilGoldstein @AsaRadix @MaxAppenroth +
Transgender HIV research: nothing about us without us

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Who is democracy working for? ✅ Who is it excluding? ❌ And how can we change that? ⁣⁣🙋🏽‍♀️
We invited @5050oD and @StemopeenVrouw to lend us their feminist perspectives for this special International #DayofDemocracy episode. Tune in!


*** 14th of September is the first ever Sex Workers Pride Day! ***

Sex Worker Pride is an opportunity to celebrate and share stories of sex workers self-determination and achievements of the sex worker rights movement over the last year.

Want to learn more about abortion, sexual and reproductive rights, and campaigning around these issues? @ippf is offering a (free!) online course called Abortion Matters. The course consists of five mini-modules in English, Spanish, and French. Sign up at!

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We are looking for tech solutions that can help end child online sexual exploitation and abuse.

Apply here 👉

#Tech2EndViolence #ENDviolence #EliminateCSAM

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“The very existence of open societies depends on a free and independent press,” and Latin American journalists have a lot to teach the world on how to keep innovation alive.

The Trump administration’s rumored plan to increase its anti-refugee cruelty isn’t just wrong, it’s short-sighted and ultimately harmful to U.S. interests.

Democracy means more than just holding elections: “It’s being involved in between elections, throughout the whole policy process.” #InternationalDemocracyDay

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The Open Society Public Health Program invites concept notes from consortiums in Europe to explore ethnic discrimination and racism as crosscutting issues with mental health in Roma communities.

This call for proposals is open to NGOs registered in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia who support civil society groups working on the rule of law, anticorruption, and press freedom in these countries.

The Education Support Program and the Early Childhood Program of the Open Society Foundations are welcoming proposals to improve the educational opportunities of marginalized children in Hungary.

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The District’s bill to decriminalize prostitution wouldn’t hurt those in the sex trade; on the contrary, it would help save lives,” writes @OpenSociety’s @Julia_POSHARP in the @washingtonpost:

From the overdose crisis to insulin rationing to unaffordable EpiPens, pharmaceutical companies are failing Americans.
@t1international and our grantee @democracycollab
argue it’s time for an alternative. #Medicine4All.

Denying harm reduction services to people who use drugs is no different than denying seatbelts to people who drive. In both cases, you’re withholding the very thing that just might save their lives,” writes @OSIBaltimore Scott Nolen.

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Everyone should have the freedom to make informed, independent decisions, The decrim judgement gives you that autonomy. What does autonomy mean to you?

You are invited to participate in a perception survey of The Other Foundation's work, so as to help refine and improve it. All responses to this survey are anonymous and will go directly to independent, external evaluators and not the Other Foundation.

LEGABIBO talks about the meaning of decriminalising consensual same sex-sexual relations on Botswana Television (part 1 of 3) #DecrimBotswana #Repeal164 #ReBatswana #Botswana

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High Courts decriminalise homosexuality in Botswana. Congratulations to all involved! @Follow_SALC

The Board and staff of the Sigrid Rausing Trust extend their deepest sympathy to the family and colleagues of Bob Bernstein, a former member of the Sigrid Rausing Trust board, who passed away on May 27th.

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It's here! ✨ Please read our 2018 Annual Report and find hope in it, as we have. ❤️

Hi all - we know this has been a really difficult week with the El Paso shooting in Texas, another shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Toni Morrison’s passing, and a number of other things going on in the world. We hope everyone is taking care of themselves 💜

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Check out @NdanaTawamba's special feature on 'How to Create Gender Justice in Africa 👉 Subscribe to @Alliancemag to read full article.

My daughter will be 25 next year and she really wanted to participate in the #Beijing25 processes. She is under arbitrary arrest

As we engage with #GenerationEquality process, lets remember those young women incarcerated or under arrest. @UN_CSW @UN_Women @UAFAfrica @AWLNetwork

States play a major role in mobilising moral anxieties against #WHRDs to obstruct women’s ability to organise online and facilitate their persecution. #FeministInternet will ensure that #WHRDs are able to grow trusted networks & create safe spaces where they can thrive.

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Good morning partners and friends, we are in the critical process of our strategic planning of the year 2020-2024: in our participatory approach, we are engaging our movements because we want to be influenced by the voices and opinions of communities we partner with and serve.



The Sex Work Donor Collaborative (SWDC) is excited to launch a call for a consultant/team of consultants to explore the key data needed to make a case to increase funding for sex workers' rights.

DEADLINE: 23.59 East Africa Time, Wednesday 7th August 2019.


@AstraeaUpdates Representation matters! More young women, trans youth and girl activists in decision making places. More representation of diverse bodies and identities in powerful positions in philanthropy. #feministfunding

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