GPP’s 19 member organizations include many of the leading global funders and philanthropic advisors for LGBTI rights.


GPP membership is open to staff and trustees of foundations that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Funders whose primary function is grantmaking;
  • Funders working to expand global philanthropy to support the human rights of LGBTI people in the Global South and East;
  • Public, private, individual, faith-based, and corporate funders.  


GPP’s work towards increasing resources for LGBTI work in the Global South and East, including:

  • Research and Publications;
  • Donor-focused convenings, pre-conferences, symposiums, institutes, and regionally focused consultations around the globe;
  • Regular briefings and webinars to educate members and other funders on emerging issues in global LGBTI funding;
  • Joint advocacy and collaborative initiatives to grow the number of LGBTI funders and the amount of support reaching LGBTI communities in the Global South and East.

Click each logo to learn more about each GPP member.

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Twitter Feeds

Check out my latest article: Request for Proposals for mapping of Faith efforts to combat discrimination based on SOGI in the Caribbean for Arcus Foundation via @LinkedIn

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Glad to see the @StateDept sanction four Burmese military officials for gross human rights violations against the Rohingya. We must have accountability for these atrocities.

Thank you @RepEliotEngel & all other members who share our concerns about Secretary Pompeo’s Commission on Unalienable Rights. We are grateful to those who continue to fight for the #HumanRights of all people.

We thank @SenatorCardin for continuing to champion justice for the #Rohingya people and all ethnic minorities in Burma.

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"Elsewhere in the world, celebrating LGBTQ Pride—or even being openly LGBTQ—is not as joyous." @GOMag shines a light on homophobia in Uganda, and the #LGBTQ orgs fighting for sexual health, education access, & more for queer people. CC: @SMUG2004

ICYMI: @ILGAWORLD celebrates the U.N.'s renewal of its Independent Expert on sexual orientation & gender identity. A decision backed by 27 countries & 1,312 NGO's, the ruling demonstrates an ongoing international commitment to safeguard #LGBTQ people:

"“There are queer Jews, queer Mormons, queer Catholics, queer Protestants, queer Muslims…and I'm proof. And I will continue working toward a world where we can be our full selves." @BlairImani--ambassador of @mpvusa--on intersectionality via @TEDxTalks:

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Calling all women’s rights & LGTIQ orgs in the #Caribbean?
We & @AstraeaUpdates invite you to participate in a survey to inform the Women’s Voice & Leadership initiative, supported by @CanadaDev It will only take 5-10 mins
#WVLCaribbean #FeministFunding

UPDATE: Sadly, due to unanticipated events, we will be canceling Bob’s farewell celebration on July 29th. Bob served as Astraea’s second Executive Director for 8 years, and we celebrate her visionary leadership and legacy!

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More great grants this month in our programme supporting #LGBTI communities in sub-Saharan Africa: two important funding initiatives @GiveOut_Org @GPP_Updates & @ISDAOSankofa - exciting new peer-led grant-maker in #WestAfrica working with activists there

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Still as glad to be a longtime Astraea supporter. They represent what is great in "America". Here's to international solidarity.

Justus Eisfeld, Claudia Bollwinkel and I bring together LGBTIQ Human Rights and sustainable giving Methods. What impact will a book out of Germany have, internationally? nimmt Fahrt auf Richtung Regenbogen - @foldenburg packt Kohlen unter den Heizkessel! Danke Felix - Thanks @foldengurg for being there to do some heavy lifting.

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Missed @darrenwalker's commencement address to @IEbusiness 2019 graduates? Read his powerful speech here. #IEGraduation2019 #IETookMeHere #WeAreIE @IEuniversity #inequality #ClimateChange

“Your energy and intelligence, your creativity and drive, your purpose and passion will help push every organization you work for… closer to justice. We’re counting on you!” Closing remarks by @darrenwalker at the #IEGraduation2019 ceremony.

How can we be ready for the unpredictable? @FordFoundation's @BessRothenberg highlights how confirmation bias puts our strategies in a blindside and shares lessons learned from the foundation's grantmakers.

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Using skills they've gained from @Tewaforwomen’s trainings, Nepali women are strengthening the women's rights movement in their communities.

“We are stronger in’s important that we come together and organize to create the change that we want to be.” @domesticworkers

For funders interested in furthering impact, @AWID offers recommendations for changing philanthropic norms and practices to respond to movement needs.

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The ban not only shames women for their sexuality, it also cruelly disenfranchises those who are victims of sexual violence. #WomensRightsAreHumanRights

@FundHumanRights openDemocracy has published a great series of 'frontline insights' on how to enable social change through grassroots activism.

See our previous articles, along with @FundHumanRights, here:

La Agrupación, a Fund grantee and the legal team representing the case, says there is no evidence Hernández tried to harm her baby. El Salvador outlaws #abortion in all cases – a stance that has led to several cases like Hernández's.

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This moment calls for energizing new efforts & focus on strengthening women’s movements to help generate lasting social change. We are committed to creating opportunities for women to assert leadership. Join us & stand with the global women’s movement!

As a funder, our goal is to get resources to organizations led by women, girls, and trans people. We provide flexible, core-support grants for operating and program expenses, give multi-year grants as often as possible. Learn more here:

Our values underpin not only the work that we do, but *how* we do that work. We aspire to be bold, collaborative, curious, and authentic. Read more about how our values drive the work we do »

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Come meet two women bringing dignity back to #Yazidi women and girls: Laya, ex-prisoner of
#ISIS, and Behar Ali, co-founder of @emmaorg_ in #IraqiKurdistan. Aug 3 in #TheHague
@humanityhouse: Reserve a seat:

We are delivering our CHA programme in Southern Africa this July and August. Find out more about the programme in partnership with @nesta_uk @hivos

Discover more about the programme here -

Nearly $600 mil was committed to women and girls at @WomenDeliver last July. Nita Choudhury looks at how #feminist movements & platforms are combating #VAW and aiming for systematic change in #LatinAmerica:

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¿Cómo hablar de comida sana, armoniosa y sostenible a niños, niñas y adolescentes? Nos unimos al Programa Municipal de Educación Alimentaria Nutricional "Escuela de gigantes" para (también) escucharles. 👦👧🧒💚

La Bolivia del futuro será una gigante de la buena alimentación.

El abuso sexual también es un asunto de poder. La investigación de @PiaNomadaGt publicada en @nomadagt revela el caso de Bruno Campos, ex director de la Escuela Municipal de Música de la Ciudad de Guatemala. Te la compartimos aquí. #MeTooGt #AMiTambién

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Catch up on your reading on #EnergyAccess, #renewableenergy and #cleancooking. On our publication page you'll find several interesting resources. From policy briefings to full research papers. Check it out here:

Snap quiz! What does SO/GIE/SC stand for? On Tuesday July 23, we'll publish the answer.

1. "So, gee ... super cool!"

2. Sovereign Organization for Green Innovative Entities and Sustainable Citizenship

3. Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression and Sex Characteristics

Request for Concept Notes: #Grants for Capacity Strengthening of #Youth led organisations in #SRHR #ASRHR programmes @CafeSRHR

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Today, Amb. De Lang attended the opening of #PhotovoicesPh, a campaign and exhibit co-organized by @HivosROSEA and @kncvtbc to allow MDR-TB sufferers to share their feelings and experiences with peers, allies and friends. The 🇳🇱 supports partnerships for public health.

We invite proposal submissions from organizations working with civil society groups across Indonesia!
Join us!

Semarang City (@PemkotSmg) is one of the regions in Indonesia that support and has been working towards #OpenContracting. It has high modality to succeed: a progressive local government and active citizens.

@hivos @OpenGovIndo @PattiroSemarang

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Delivering citizen centered public services requires detailed understanding of their expectations.

Join us for a 2 day Public Dialogue & Art Exhibition as citizens & local leaders explore avenues for improving service delivery.



As we talk about energy financing, gender mainstreaming is key. We need to include women and youth at all levels of the value chain. @HivosEnergy @hivosroea @munakab

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Now accepting proposals! Our flagship funding program provides general-operating and project-specific grants in support of the LGBTQ community in the SF Bay Area. Proposal deadline is August 19.

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The 2019 contest is now open for entries. From the contest information page you can download and read the contest rules and find the link to the registration form. We are looking forward to many unique entries from all around the world!

Are you a young feminist from the MENA region and interested in joining FRIDA's Global Advisory Committee? A reminder that applications close this week, July 22nd. Spread the word!

Gratis Nederlands leren onder werktijd? De taalcursus die we speciaal voor sekswerkers ontwikkeld hebben staat nu online. Met de cursus leer je de basis om je verstaanbaar te maken tijdens je werk. De cursus is in het Spaans, Hongaars, Roemeens en Bulgaars

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French President Emmanuel Macron’s government is resorting to increasingly authoritarian tactics to counter protests.

“Karla wore a hat for her picture. ‘It’s my brother’s, and I want him to see it.’ He had gone missing in Mexico a few weeks prior.” Photographer @tayuso explores the causes and consequences of the recent mass migration of Hondurans.

"Too often prosecutorial appointments reflect politics over merit and are done through closed-door deals rather than a transparent and public process."

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The Open Society Public Health Program invites concept notes from consortiums in Europe to explore ethnic discrimination and racism as crosscutting issues with mental health in Roma communities.

This call for proposals is open to NGOs registered in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia who support civil society groups working on the rule of law, anticorruption, and press freedom in these countries.

The Education Support Program and the Early Childhood Program of the Open Society Foundations are welcoming proposals to improve the educational opportunities of marginalized children in Hungary.

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Calling the cops on someone with mental illness can go terribly wrong. Here’s a better idea. via @voxdotcom

The Trump Administration has gone to extreme lengths to target sexual and reproductive health and rights globally, explains @KeiferMA in @OpenCanada:

Across Latin America, the consequences of the war on drugs can sometimes make it look more like a war on children. Read the personal testimony of one young woman whose family suffered greatly after her father was incarcerated:

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WATCH: The powerful and moving address by anti-apartheid leader, theologian and author Allan Boesak, on #homophobia and the churches. #breakthebacklash #LGBTI

Leaders of anchor #LGBTI organizations in our region are participating in our executive-level kopano, a platform for deep reflection, analysis and strategy development towards free and open societies in our region. #communityfoundation


The highly anticipated video of Allan Boesak's address about #homophobia and the churches in Africa at, Breaking Through the Backlash, is now available to watch in this two-part playlist. Click the link @DiakoniaCofC_ZA #breakthebacklash

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High Courts decriminalise homosexuality in Botswana. Congratulations to all involved! @Follow_SALC

The Board and staff of the Sigrid Rausing Trust extend their deepest sympathy to the family and colleagues of Bob Bernstein, a former member of the Sigrid Rausing Trust board, who passed away on May 27th.

Pleased to share that we have gifted £5m The UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology and UK Dementia Research Institute. " Our aim was to support the most effective research into the highly complex syndrome of dementia,” SR

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📢 ATTN YOUNG FEMINISTS IN NYC: UAF invites young interns, students, activists, organizers, nonprofit staff, etc. to join us for an interactive workshop on our vision for the future of human rights, social justice movements, and collective liberation!

Next Thursday 5:15pm EST!

📢⚠️🆘#WHRDAlert HONDURAS / @COPINHHONDURAS women land defenders detained and criminalized in Nueva Esperanza community ▶️ @ForstMichel @UNSR_VickyTauli @mbachelet @UNHumanRights @redefensorashn

Tbilisi Pride has finally happened. Smaller in numbers but we managed to get out safely. History in making!

#TbilisiPride #Georgia #Pride #TbilisiPride2019

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The way we imagine discrimination or disempowerment often is more complicated for people who are subjected to multiple forms of exclusion. The good news is that intersectionality provides us a way to see it. Kimberle Williams Crenshaw.
Today,we discuss👇👇 #UFF2019 #AfriFem

We are proud to have amazing feminist activists @NdanaTawamba and @TheoSowa serving on @InfoAPN's Governance Board, trusting them to influence and shape African philanthropy discourse that is just, equal and dignified.😍💃

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The Sex Work Donor Collaborative (SWDC) is excited to launch a call for a consultant/team of consultants to explore the key data needed to make a case to increase funding for sex workers' rights.

DEADLINE: 23.59 East Africa Time, Wednesday 7th August 2019.


@AstraeaUpdates Representation matters! More young women, trans youth and girl activists in decision making places. More representation of diverse bodies and identities in powerful positions in philanthropy. #feministfunding

Thank you for starting this conversation @AstraeaUpdates @awdf01, @FRIDAfund, @redumbrellafund, and @UAF_AP! #FeministFunding is critical and should remain in our philanthropy conversations moving forward.

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