GPP’s 20 member organizations include many of the leading global funders and philanthropic advisors for LGBTI rights.


GPP membership is open to staff and trustees of foundations that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Funders whose primary function is grantmaking;
  • Funders working to expand global philanthropy to support the human rights of LGBTI people in the Global South and East;
  • Public, private, individual, faith-based, and corporate funders.

Click here for membership inquiries. 


GPP’s work towards increasing resources for LGBTI work in the Global South and East, including:

  • Research and Publications;
  • Donor-focused convenings, pre-conferences, symposiums, institutes, and regionally focused consultations around the globe;
  • Regular briefings and webinars to educate members and other funders on emerging issues in global LGBTI funding;
  • Joint advocacy and collaborative initiatives to grow the number of LGBTI funders and the amount of support reaching LGBTI communities in the Global South and East.

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Guide by @info_wings on networks out now. This introspective guide includes thoughtful concepts, frameworks, and practical approaches that all philanthropy networks & those using network principles can use to prepare their orgs for the next decade.

On February 17, @mamacash will begin accepting funding inquiries from self-led feminist groups and initiatives who are working on environmental justice. Start preparing your application by checking out its selection criteria and funding priorities:

Amazing read & inspiration for action for any #philanthropy support organizations @DafneHQ @The_EFC @ECFInews @AriadneNetwork @EDGEFunders @PhilanthropyUA @GPP_Updates @WendyGFCF

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COVID-19 has hit every country where AJWS works, threatening the lives & livelihoods of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. We are responding by providing critical humanitarian aid, life-saving health information and flexible funding. Donate today:

Heavy-handed enforcement of COVID-19 curfews and lockdowns—especially targeting the poor and most marginalized—not only fuels panic, but may also heighten transmission of the virus.

COVID-19 misinformation is rampant, making the virus even deadlier. We're proud to stand by grantees like SAKS, AREDE, & AyiboPost as they weather this crisis Haiti. These groups are raising awareness through content about good hygiene & social distancing.

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.@jungheechoi representing @PowerCANow - in the early weeks of #covid19, Power CA developed a message guide to pull together through this public health crisis and to support each other and the most vulnerable amongst us:

"Someone out there needs you: they need your voice, words, and support!"
We are #InThisTogether in these tough #COVID19 times: help keep us all connected and share your positive messages for our LGBTI community!
Join our campaign ➤

Community solidarity is essential during these challenging times. @ILGAWORLD are calling for contributions from #LBGTI communities worldwide for their #inthistogether campaign in response to the #COVID19 crisis. Find out how to take part: #coronavirus

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As our comrades across the country work to decarcerate jails and prisons, our #NoDigitalPrisons campaign offers 6 reasons why people released due to #COVID19 should not be subjected to #ElectronicMonitoring.

EM is an extension of mass incarceration! 🗣️

Join us in the work of leading, telling and writing research to the benefit of our communities. The BLMP survey has officially launched! This is a survey focused on the Black LGBTQIA+ migrant and first generation experience.
Visit today! And share!✨🕺🏾

"This moment is a call to action, a call to slowing down and reconfiguring what is important, listening deeply to what communities are asking for, in the short and long term." via @nfg_org

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Our 1st Virtual Write Now workshop completed! It was fantastic way to feel connected again to our #recovery community and we can’t wait to do it again. Thank you to @SonyaHale23 @whichgemrogers and all the participants who joined us to get #creative during #socialisolation.

We should be sharing our #MaggieMay @LeedsPlayhouse press night tonight. Instead a few of us had a video catch up & celebrated how we co-created this brilliant project. We even had a few songs! What a fab team - Maggie May was something very special. #dementia @ShireenFarkhoy

Morning World! Grab your favourite Mug, get the kettle on and get ready for a day of artistic challenges with Converge! We are all partial to coffee in our office....share your favourite cuppa with us ❤️

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Why are personal stories by intersex people important?

JOIN US in creating more visibility of the lived experiences of intersex people by sharing your OWN story with the hashtag #MyIntersexStory during Intersex Awareness Weeks (Oct 26 - Nov 8)

Still as glad to be a longtime Astraea supporter. They represent what is great in "America". Here's to international solidarity.

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These 14 artists and storytellers @FordFoundation is proud to support are changing the gender narrative. Find out how: #FutureIshers

Foundations are grappling w/ emergency $ vs. longer-term funding that will help realize a more equitable world. We should increase or maintain level of funding; spend smarter; ensure our behavior doesn't make #nonprofits more fragile & speed up! @hpennington_ #SkollGoesVirtual

Inspiring effort by @domesticworkers to get immediate care to our care workers at this time; 80K people have already contributed in a matter of weeks #SkollGoesVirtual #collectivestrength

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The corona pandemic isn’t a purely medical issue, it entangles all aspects of human lives, including our privacy, protection and dignity.

By our member @bodyanddata:

#COVID19 #Privacy

Descubra cómo @IIWF reúne a líderes y activistas de derechos humanos para construir la unidad y elevar las voces y preocupaciones de las mujeres y niñas indígenas, proporcionando una plataforma para crear sociedades más inclusivas y seguras.

“We could face the impossible choice of going to work sick + possibly infecting others or risking our already precarious finances.”

Learn why @forrespect supports women retail workers demand their rights, including paid sick leave.

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Measures to combat #COVID19 must be applied fairly if they're to be effective.

There is no excuse for targeting vulnerable communities or violating their #humanrights.

Another insightful read on the pitfalls and potential of NGO & social movement collaboration. Madhuresh Kumar lays out some important principles for the kind of thoughtful solidarity that is needed when NGOs engage with social movements

Local leaders are adapting to protect their communities in the age of #COVID19. In them, we find hope.

Read our blog and share their stories of courage:

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The 5th #FundamentalFilm ep. is now live. Learn more about the movement for #LGBTQI+ rights in Georgia in “Living Out Loud.” And sign up for our newsletter updates to learn more about how groups featured in @Fundamental_Doc are responding to #COVID19.

Domestic & garment workplaces rarely offer fair wages or safe environments—which, in the age of #COVID19, can be completely devastating. Grassroots gender justice groups fighting for their rights & protections are leading the way on #EqualPayDay.

Even during a pandemic, women performing essential work aren’t paid equally. Women working as grocery store cashiers & physicians caring for #COVID19 patients are only being paid about 65% of what their male counterparts are being paid, on average. #EqualPayDay. Via @MomsRising.

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Thanks so much @opencontracting for this useful thread. Here's one more to add to the list of stories on emergency response and procurement:

#Zambia-born #health and #humanrights activist @chivuli is fighting on the frontlines of #SRHR. In particular for marginalized and excluded groups across Africa. Read our illustrated interview:

Executing curfews to curtail the spread of #COVID19 in Kenya does not have to come at a cost of excessive brutality and loss of life

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En respuesta a la crisis sanitaria del COVID-19, compartimos la declaratoria de la Coordinadora de Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica
via- @coicaorg

Desde @AmazonFrontlines nos comparten estas reflexiones sobre el riesgo que enfrentan los sabios indígenas durante esta crisis de salud global.

#COVIDー19 #TodoslosOjosenlaAmazonía🌿

¡#ElPlanetaNosLlama! La situación de emergencia que estamos viviendo nos muestra que sí es posible cambiar nuestro estilo de vida y nuestra relación con la Madre Tierra. 🌱

Unámonos hoy a la #HoraDelPlaneta, a las 8:30pm (hora local de cada ciudad).

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#Zambia-born #health and #humanrights activist @chivuli is fighting on the frontlines of #SRHR. In particular for marginalized and excluded groups across Africa. Read our illustrated interview:

Our lives have changed completely in a short time as the world is being overwhelmed by the effects #COVID19. We are all looking for a way to deal with new fears and uncertainties. @hivos @hivosroea @NLinZimbabwe @UNICEFZIMBABWE

We and 39 development, #humanrights and #emergencyaid organizations argue that support for developing countries and #civilsociety organizations in those countries should be part of the Dutch government’s emergency measures to combat #COVID19:

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We are recruiting a consultant of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Specialist for our CREATE program. Please visit our website for details

Solidarity also means being responsible over each other and maintaining social distancing at all times to stem the spread of #COVID19
Friends, our motivation in establishing just & fair societies has only been 're-fuelled' through #Responsibility

Dear friends of Hivos, the COVID-19 crisis demands responsibility from us all to act in solidarity. For those who work from home, we wish you all the best & may the coming weeks be productive ones. For those who cannot, we thank you & keep you all in our thoughts. #WorkFromHome

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Thanks so much @opencontracting for this useful thread. Here's one more to add to the list of stories on emergency response and procurement:

Our lives have changed completely in a short time as the world is being overwhelmed by the effects #COVID19. We are all looking for a way to deal with new fears and uncertainties. @hivos @hivosroea @NLinZimbabwe @UNICEFZIMBABWE

Executing curfews to curtail the spread of #COVID19 in Kenya does not have to come at a cost of excessive brutality and loss of life

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There is not a better day to ensure that trans and gender nonconforming people are counted than on #TDOV. See what's at stake for LGBTQ communities in the #2020Census.

#TDOV2020 #WillBeCounted #SFCounts

"I recognize that at this moment, the world feels unbearably bleak, perhaps more lonely than it ever has. It is in moments like these I am most grateful to be trans. We were built for this, for resilience." | via @shoeleatherkate #tdov

Today, on #TransDayOfVisibility, we are proud to sign onto a statement reaffirming our commitment #trans communities during the #COVID19 pandemic and any potential economic downturn resulting from efforts to contain it. @BorealisPhil @3Wave @TransJusticeFP

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El FIT se complace en presentarte a nuestro panel de concesión de apoyos 2020 (PCA). Estxs 15 activistas trans tienen diversos conocimientos y provienen de todo el mundo.

The ITF is delighted to introduce our 2020 Grant Making Panel (GMP). These 15 trans activists have diverse expertise and come from across the globe.

We strongly condemn the actions by the Prime Minister of #Hungary Orbán in banning legal gender recognition #LGR. These measures go against trans people's human rights and represent a tremendous step back for Hungarian society.

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"I’ve never seen such sudden, dedicated organizing around our care ... Knowing now that this kind of mobilization is possible, I’m asking able-bodied people to reflect on what was preventing this from occurring before." #COVID19 @bitchmedia

From education to sources of income to physical safety, the new series by our partners @WITHandFORgirls investigate the impact of #COVID19 for girls' rights.

'...the partnership wants to strengthen the position of women in the Niger Delta... it also provides skills training so that women can seek alternative forms of income.
“...we want to show that women are perfectly capable of being leaders and deserve a place around the table..."'

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We congratulate @scotgov on showing real leadership with a lengthy ban on most evictions. This is welcome news for tenants who have lost jobs & are worrying about getting into rent arrears. For now their homes are safe & we thank @scotgov for its action.

#Walking: lifting & setting down each foot in turn, is taken for granted by most. But for children born w/ #clubfoot, walking w/out pain is a dream – a dream MiracleFeet is turning into a reality for thousands around the world. What does walking mean to you? #NationalWalkingDay

How is #WalkingWednesday different during our #COVID19 quarantine? Always use your best judgement, but many of you live in locations where you can safely walk outside while maintaining a 6-ft distance. Scan the path to watch for folks in front or behind you. #SocialDistancing

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A global crisis requires a global solution. The #OpenSocietyUniversityNetwork & @SolveBy2030 bring students & teachers together for a virtual teach-in about ambitious actions to address the climate crisis. #MakeClimateAClass on 4/7:

.@osfEUpolicy's Marta Martinelli (@marta2twitt) writes about the three ways the spread of #COVID19 can help institutions reconnect with citizens. @EncompassEurope

We're seeking a Program Officer to work on a fixed term of 8 months with our Eurasia Program in New York. Apply by May 14.

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The Open Society Initiative for Europe announces a call for proposals to support civil society actors working to combat corruption, state capture, and poor governance of public institutions.

The Open Society Public Health Program invites concept notes from consortiums in Europe to explore ethnic discrimination and racism as crosscutting issues with mental health in Roma communities.

This call for proposals is open to NGOs registered in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia who support civil society groups working on the rule of law, anticorruption, and press freedom in these countries.

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“Countries must critically assess and address the loopholes in the health system to ensure the development of a robust and resilient health sector that can deliver health to all.” - @cintingwalo of @OSISA

Talking of monopolies, Gilead’s patents on remdesivir (most promising #COVID treatment) won’t expire until 2038.

Every day, people can’t afford lifesaving medicine because of patent monopolies. Can we afford a patent monopoly during a pandemic?

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Our advocacy & campaigns officer Virginia Magwaza, will be on the show Bua Fela on #DSTv's MojaLoveTv (channel 157) at 18h00 this evening. Bua Fela reflects on the realities of South African youth & today Virginia will be talking about the experiences of #LGBTI people.

@hivos employee honored @OtherFoundation for expanding space for #LGBT+ activism. An honor for her exemplary & long-standing contribution, at great personal sacrifice, in cultivating strong LGBT+ movements & the legacy she is leaving to younger generations


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Former rebel commander arrested in Finland over war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed in Liberia @Civitas_Maxima

Happy New Year!
We are recruiting for our Women's Rights Programme. Closing Date 2nd Feb. For more information:

Former Female Fighter of FARC granted victim status by court of Colombia @womenslink

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Thanks @UrgentAct for reminding us of this powerful quote by @GraceLeeBoggs social activist/feminist/philosopher: “In the middle of catastrophe--people--particularly those who have suffered--see another opportunity to evolve to another stage of humanity.” @GlobalFundWomen

Happy International #TransDayOfVisibility ! At Urgent Action Fund, we honor the pride, resilience, and leadership of the #Trans & #NonBinary community around the world.

Want to join our dynamic #feminist fund that protects, strengthens and sustains women and transgender human rights defenders at critical moments?

We're hiring a Human Resources Officer!

Learn how to apply at, 👉🔗

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COVID 19-Together, we will turn this tide, in solidarity!
Please find below the link for UAF-Africa's Solidarity and Support Message on Covid 19 pandemic.…/

SPECIAL CALL FOR PROPOSALS Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA) +25 -UAF-Africa will be providing funding up to USD 12,000, and Advocacy and Alliance building grants of up to USD 20,000. You can find more about this special call at www.

Urgent Action Fund – Africa is excited to announce a special call for proposals to conduct advocacy on Beijing +25 process.
For more information, please follow the link below.…/

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