GPP’s 19 member organizations include many of the leading global funders and philanthropic advisors for LGBTI rights.


GPP membership is open to staff and trustees of foundations that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Funders whose primary function is grantmaking;
  • Funders working to expand global philanthropy to support the human rights of LGBTI people in the Global South and East;
  • Public, private, individual, faith-based, and corporate funders.  


GPP’s work towards increasing resources for LGBTI work in the Global South and East, including:

  • Research and Publications;
  • Donor-focused convenings, pre-conferences, symposiums, institutes, and regionally focused consultations around the globe;
  • Regular briefings and webinars to educate members and other funders on emerging issues in global LGBTI funding;
  • Joint advocacy and collaborative initiatives to grow the number of LGBTI funders and the amount of support reaching LGBTI communities in the Global South and East.

Click each logo to learn more about each GPP member.
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Annonce de la toute première Directrice Exécutive de l’ISDAO // Announcing ISDAO's first ever Executive Director:

The ITF is Hiring a Capacity Building Officer

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The impacts of climate change are already deeply affecting the world's most vulnerable people. We must #ActOnClimate.

By denying entry to @CICIGgt, President Morales has put Guatemala’s #democracy in danger. Government officials must be held accountable for corruption and impunity. Read up on the situation in #Guatemala:

We mourn this tragic loss of life in Kenya, and are grateful to share that AJWS staff and grantees are safe. Today we stand in solidarity with the people of Kenya, and will continue to work toward a better tomorrow. May their memories be a blessing.

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Deadline approaching! If your #LGBTQ social justice org is seeking funding & has yet to submit a concept during our open call, Jan. 22 is the last opportunity. Join Arcus' next group of long-term partners:

“Kate literally changed the world..." Council member @geoffkors & others say goodbye to exec. director of @NCLRRights Kate Kendell as she steps down after 22 years. Read about her triumphs and early life here:

Astraea funds grassroots LGBTQI organizations working for racial, economic and gender justice. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on our various issue areas as well as upcoming events, video spotlights, and more!

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Now hiring: Astraea seeks an extremely organized, collaborative and detailed-oriented person to join our Program Team as a Grants Management Associate.

The @trans_fund, hosted at Astraea, is hiring a Capacity Building Officer to support the development of ITF’s capacity-building strategy and work directly with grantee partners on capacity-building initiatives. Apply by Feb. 1!

Now hiring: Astraea seeks an expert in Blackbaud Grantmaking software to consult from January 2019 through February 2019 to assist us in creating a robust online application system.

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Not your veryday older artist story...

Great to see two organisations we've supported @KinshipLpool from our law and human rights programme and @theBluecoat from our Celebrating Age programme with @ace_national are involved together in this

"Barely there": #legalaid for #benefits appeals had been ebbing naturally for several years but the government cut it anyway in #LASPO, leaving just 0.5% cases - and a huge #accesstojustice gap for people trying to protect their livelihoods!

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Still as glad to be a longtime Astraea supporter. They represent what is great in "America". Here's to international solidarity.

Justus Eisfeld, Claudia Bollwinkel and I bring together LGBTIQ Human Rights and sustainable giving Methods. What impact will a book out of Germany have, internationally? nimmt Fahrt auf Richtung Regenbogen - @foldenburg packt Kohlen unter den Heizkessel! Danke Felix - Thanks @foldengurg for being there to do some heavy lifting.

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.@surveymonkey CEO @zlurie shares how employee surveys can help surface fresh perspectives and new thinking while building a culture that rewards curiosity: #poweroffeedback

Here is how several grant-makers including @FordFoundation @emclarkfdn are changing their approach to multiyear #grants: #grantsmanship #funding

Read my piece in the latest edition of Sur Conectas Journal which focuses on race and human rights. It’s time for an important, serious conversation about patriarchy, power and racism within philanthropy & social justice spaces

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For twenty-five years, @ignitekindred has contributed to resilient, intersectional movements in the US Southeast. Learn more about its visionary and vital work:

Meet Tonya Harrington, a home healthcare worker in North Carolina who works with @AtlDomesticWork to educate the public about the realities and importance of domestic work.

Learn her story and policy recommendations in this new report:

"Power and privilege are inherent to philanthropy; our history and resources make it unavoidable.

We need to share power. Only then can we change systems and improve lives in ways that last for generations."

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For every populist spreading intolerance, there are grassroots #activists organizing peaceful protests and resisting authoritarianism. And in many places, the resistance is winning. #humanrights

How can rights groups effectively build public support for human rights?

@FundHumanRights's James Logan asks 3 crucial questions:

1️⃣Who is talking?
2️⃣Talking about what?
3️⃣Where are the conversations taking place?

Via @OGR_EN #Uganda

Within the human rights community, there is a growing enthusiasm for new narratives to build public support for human rights. But creating a new narrative is about more than language and framing, says James Logan in @OGR_EN

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"We will invest our time & talent & our treasures in supporting justice...We will build movements not walls! We are going to walk to build a human rights movement." Dr. @MKanyoro, our CEO & president, at @wmarchsf. Art by @favianna. #ChargedUpfor2019

This was such a successful #WomensMarch #DC. So many people came out and supported! Such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the @womensmarch!!! The sign I carried was made by V (IG: It was a beautiful dedication to Black Women & maternal health!

When #Voldemort is president we need a nation of Hermiones @realDonaldTrump @MomsDemand @Everytown #ExpectUs #MomsDemand #HoustonWomensMarch #WomensMarch2019

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The new @EATforum @TheLancet report confirms what we already knew: we need to radically change diets to safeguard future food production and supply for all. What we eat has more environmental impact than you think: @hivosroea

All people should have access to healthy and affordable #food produced with minimal negative impact on both #climate and the #environment. Together, we can build a more #sustainable future: #PeopleUnlimited

New alliances of civil society organisations, human rights defenders and States are working courageously and effectively to turn the tide against authoritarianism and populism and to hold human rights violators to account, says @hrw #Rights2019

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We believe that human life in its many forms is valuable, and that people are filled with potential. Living a life in freedom and dignity, with respect for each other and the planet, leads to greater individual well-being and fair, vibrant societies. #peopleunlimited

We believe that when people are given a chance to live in freedom and dignity, they are able to live a life that contributes to the greater good of humanity #peopleunlimited

An exciting job opportunity within our partner organization @hivosrosa for a @DutchMFA funded #Women #Empowered for #Leadership program. @kubatana @263Chat @advocatemahere @NewsDayZimbabwe @violetgonda @jobs263

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Join us in welcoming another good year of working towards a more sustainable world that benefits its people and its green planet

Deepest condolences to all families impacted by this recent calamity #TsunamiSelatSunda 🙏🙏

Tweeps! 🔉🔊
Join us in eliminating #SexualHarassment in #CyberSpace, with our partners today, as part of the #16DaysOfActivism 💪👩📌


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All people should have access to healthy and affordable #food produced with minimal negative impact on both #climate and the #environment. Together, we can build a more #sustainable future: #PeopleUnlimited

Kudos @hivosroea for working to ensure that quality seed access is not just an idiom but a reality through Open Source Seed Systems(OSSS)

Food security is all about human dignity. This is exactly what our open source seeds front-runner, Daniel Wanjama advocates for: free, fair, diverse and sustainable food. What's the story about seeds? Watch video

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We remember and celebrate everyone we've lost. And we continue to work to help those affected.

L.G.B.T. people experience a range of social, economic and medical disparities that jeopardize their long-term health. It can be deadly.

Today is election day. Have you voted? Every vote counts.

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Our very own Senior Officer for Communications @emmydexel will moderate a discussion around #OnHerShoulders, a documentary following the journey and work of Yazidi activist, sexual trafficking survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad. See you on at @DeBalie on Feb 8th!

2019 wordt een goed jaar met @ClariceGargard in de rol van @OnzeVrouwInNY
Hier doet ze uit de doeken wat ze van plan is. It's good stuff and it involves all of us, juist ook those of us die zo vaak overgeslagen worden:

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Daniel was brought to the U.S. when he was 3. When his mother moved back to Mexico, he chose to stay in the only country he knew. Her absence took a toll: “It made it harder for me to grow up, adjusting to my bisexual and undocumented status.” #Undocuqueer


How do ordinary people get to have a say in their economic future? Our grantee @IDS_UK looks at examples of meaningful economic participation from around the world:

The people of Puerto Rico needed compassion and disaster relief. They got contempt and neglect. via @voxdotcom

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The Civil Society Scholar Awards support international academic mobility to enable doctoral students and university faculty to access resources that enrich socially engaged research and critical scholarship.

The Open Society Public Health Program invites concept notes from civil society organizations and coalitions to advocate for sex workers’ health and human rights in connection to litigation efforts to challenge FOSTA-SESTA.

The Open Society Public Health Program, alongside the European Public Health Association, is seeking applicants for its upcoming “Ethnicity and Health Equity: Health Status of Roma in Europe” seminar in Salzburg, Austria.

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We're seeking a Program Administrative Specialist to work with our Public Health Program in Berlin. Apply by January 22:

We're hosting a webinar tomorrow Jan 17 3-4PM EST/12-1PM PST for groups or consortia interested in applying for this open call. More info at link.

Call for proposals: Challenging FOSTA-SESTA to Advance Sex Workers Health and Rights in the United States

The inventors of insulin sold the patent for $3. Today, people die because they cannot afford it. Capitalist health care is a travesty.

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Nakhane's star continues to rise around the world as the New York Times sings the praises of the South African musician. @nakhaneofficial #proud #queersuperstar #proudlysa

The December edition of umuntu, our bulletin for our friends and funders is now out. Click the link to read about what we have achieved in 2018, with your support: #LGBTI

Our co-chairs Bella Matambanadzo and Xhanti Payi join our CEO, Neville Gabriel in sharing messages of thanks to everyone who has supported us this year. We look forward to your continued support in 2019.

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Legal victory protects NHS patients’ confidential information: (via @libertyhq)

Kyrgyz Supreme Court overturns designation of human rights groups’ work as ‘extremist’: (via @BirDuinoEnglish and @fidh_en)

Front Line Defenders is profoundly honored to be named one of the winners of the 2018 United Nations Human Rights Prize - full statement here: @ettrick49

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Are numbers + global women's human rights activism your thing? Then you should consider an LME consultancy with the UAF sister funds. (@UAFAfrica + @FAU_LAC + @UAF_AP) We're ready to document feminism's impact ✊🏾💜🗺️ Deadline to apply is January 31, 2019!

Watch what happened when @UrgentAct brought together queer, trans, and gender nonconforming healers and activists of color to discuss how to support the resilience of movements.

Protecting Indigenous land rights is one of the most important actions for mitigating #ClimateChange and building local resilience to its impacts globally.

Learn more about the CLIMA Fund and their partners:
#IndigenousRights #GrassrootsLeadership

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Are numbers + global women's human rights activism your thing? Then you should consider an LME consultancy with the UAF sister funds. (@UAFAfrica + @FAU_LAC + @UAF_AP) We're ready to document feminism's impact ✊🏾💜🗺️ Deadline to apply is January 31, 2019!

We are sending lots of love and strength to all our sisters, friends and partners in Kenya on the horrific attack in Nairobi today. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Stay strong! #RiversideAttack #NairobiAttack

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6 DAYS LEFT to apply for 2017 Peer Grants! Burundi. DRC. Ethiopia. Kenya. Rwanda. Tanzania. Uganda. Apply by 23rd:

6 DAYS LEFT to apply for our 2017 Peer Grants! Burundi. DRC. Ethiopia. Kenya. Rwanda. Tanzania. Uganda. Apply here:

Avez-vous demandé à notre appel à propositions? Vous avez trois jours plus! Voir

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