GPP Members

GPP’s 23 member organizations include many of the leading global funders and philanthropic advisors for LGBTI rights.

GPP membership is open to foundations and grantmaking institutions that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Funders whose primary function is grantmaking. GPP expects an organization to demonstrate that non-grantmaking activities are incidental to or derive from its primary grantmaking activities and are not part of the original intent of the organization;
  • Funders working to expand global philanthropy to support the human rights of LGBTI people in the Global South and East;
  • Public, private, individual, faith-based, and corporate funders.

GPP’s work towards increasing LGBTI resources in the Global South and East

Research and Publications

Donor-focused convenings, pre-conferences, symposiums, institutes, and regionally focused consultations around the globe

Regular briefings and webinars to educate members and other funders on emerging issues in global LGBTI funding

Joint advocacy and collaborative initiatives to grow the number of LGBTI funders and the amount of support reaching LGBTI communities in the Global South and East

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