Undermining Human Rights for LGBTIQ+ Communities: Anti-Rights Threats Within the United Nations

Forbidden Colours

This study investigates the foundational ideological framework and organizational structures driving anti-LGBTIQ+ advocacy within the United Nations. The author delves into the theoretical underpinnings, scrutinizing a noteworthy contemporary theologian who challenges LGBTIQ+ inclusive policies at the UN. Moreover, the paper shows UN member states that actively endorse anti-LGBTIQ+ sentiments within UN institutions, alongside the network of non-governmental organizations involved in advocating against LGBTIQ+ issues within the UN.

Built upon an in-depth examination of the existing literature and continuous monitoring conducted over several years, this research adopts a qualitative approach and refrains from making any statistical claims.

Ultimately, it provides recommendations to United Nations institutions, UN Member States, and civil society organizations to address this issue.

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