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The UK LGBTIQI International Giving Report

GIVE Out and the Baring Foundation

The UK Government has played a crucial role in shaping the international human rights framework, consistently ranking among the top ten global donors dedicated to supporting human rights. Additionally, private UK-based contributors, including trusts, foundations, businesses, and individuals, have a commendable history of offering substantial aid to international development and human rights causes.

However, a notable disparity emerges as the latest research discloses that both the UK government and UK-based donors allocated relatively modest funding to support LGBTQI issues internationally. Specifically, the annual average amounted to £13.4 million in 2019/20, as highlighted by this newly conducted research.

This research report marks a pioneering effort to quantify the collective contributions from the UK government, trusts, foundations, corporate entities, and individual philanthropists aimed at supporting LGBTQI communities globally, particularly in the Global South and East.

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