Hope and Resistance Go Together – The State of Women Human Rights Defenders 2023

Kvinna Kvinna

The objective of this research conducted by the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is to monitor the conditions faced by women’s and queer rights activists globally. The foundation has been observing the diminishing space for civil society, particularly for women’s rights and LGBTQI+ organizations, over several decades. The annual report, based on survey responses from 458 activists and 25 interviews, aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and threats activists encounter and the constrained environment they work in.

This year’s report reveals a worsening situation for women’s rights activists and democracy in general. Survey results indicate a 15 percentage-point increase in threats and harassment against activists compared to the previous study two years ago. Despite the adversities, a notable number of activists continue their work, albeit facing burnout. The survey shows a positive shift in awareness regarding self-care, although limitations exist due to resource constraints.

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