GPP Structures

GPP activities are organized through a number of structures including Working Groups, Advisory Committees, Governance Bodies, and Taskforces. The chart below is intended to function as a reference for GPP members to identify the leadership and collaboration models indicated with each type of organizing structure. GPP’s work is led by and funded by our members and partners


Government & Multilateral Taskforce

Since 2009, GPP has been active in mobilizing to increase the amount and influence the type of multilateral and bilateral aid and development funding dedicated to global LGBTI issues. Along with Amsterdam Network members and other colleagues, GPP has participated in an ongoing process with government/ bilateral/ multilateral agencies, other donor organizations, and activists to find ways to strengthen global LGBTI rights work by increasing resources and promoting better coordination of financial and other support.  

Working Groups

Responding to “Anti-Gender Ideology” (RAGI) Working Group 

In recent decades, we have witnessed a global confluence and re-framing of multiple longtime anti-rights movements within the concept of an “anti-gender” movement which claims to defend what is “natural.” This framework is weaponized by conservative political and religious groups in furtherance of ongoing strategies to attack human rights and self-determination, deny climate science, and promote authoritarianism. Enormous financial resources are flowing to these anti-rights movements, leveraged into acceleration across global regions and yielding both the attrition of human rights infrastructures and the increasing rise of authoritarianism.

Over the last several years, GPP has developed significant leadership in mobilizing well-informed and coordinated philanthropic responses to the “anti-gender ideology” or “anti-gender” movement. In this time, GPP has engaged over 450 grantmakers and an additional 100+ civil society thought leaders in related convenings, webinars, and other organizing spaces. GPP is a critical part of the ecosystem of grantmakers, thought leaders, philanthropic networks, and other systems of decision-makers engaged in this work.

Individual Donor Working Group

GPP and member funds invest in research and organize convenings and other donor education opportunities with intention to increase the amount and influence the type of philanthropic giving from individual donors dedicated to global LGBTI issues.

Trans and Intersex Funding Working Group 

GPP mobilizes new research and supports collaborative funding efforts towards increasing the amount and influencing the type of private and public foundation funding dedicated to global trans and intersex issues.


Membership Committee


GPP currently has 20 members, and this committee meets as needed to review and assess additional membership invitations and to address policy development around membership infrastructure and development. Membership committee recommendations are proposed to the Executive Committee for approval.