The Fund for Global Human Rights


Since 2003, the Fund for Global Human Rights has had one goal: to move human rights forward by providing resources and tools to the people and organizations on the ground who have real potential to generate transformational change.

Frontline human rights activists understand the everyday struggles of local people, and the complex political and social structures that allow discrimination and oppression to exist in their countries. With local context in mind, they build grassroots movements using the ideas and strategies that resonate most with those experiencing human rights violations first-hand.  Their work offers practical solutions to seemingly intractable problems, rooting international efforts into realities on the ground.  They speak out against corrupt, repressive governments and powerful corporations, even with the knowledge that by doing so, they are putting their own lives at risk.

The Fund for Global Human Rights amplifies the critical work of frontline activists by providing funds, training and mentoring, and opportunities for collaboration to help these courageous individuals and organizations make real progress.  The Fund focuses the most vulnerable—women and children, racial, ethnic and religious minorities, and LGBTI people—because they bear the brunt of violence and discrimination and have the most to gain from transformational change. We embrace the toughest problems. And we won’t stop until equality, justice and accountability are the norm, rather than the exception.


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