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Resources for the Global LGBTI Philanthropic Response to COVID-19

As philanthropy pivots and adjusts to the unprecedented challenges facing the world from COVID-19, we are seeing how marginalized communities, including LGBTI communities in the Global South and East, will be particularly hard hit. Global Philanthropy Project is committed to supporting our global LGBTI grantmaking community to develop well-coordinated and high impact responses to the needs of our communities in the time of this evolving pandemic. 

This hub, set up to provide resources for organizations dedicated to mobilizing the resources needed to improve the lives of LGBTI people in the global south and east, will feature links to COVID-19 related funding calls, COVID-19 fundraising appeals from our members, updates on the evidence that GPP and partners are producing, as well as statements from GPP members, other funders, and policymakers about COVID-19. 

We will update this page continually with new resources. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contact GPP. 


How is Global LGBTI Philanthropy Responding to COVID-19?
Survey Results: May 2020 Report

In April 2020, GPP conducted a survey in order to understand emerging practices and principles for COVID-19 response among funders supporting global LGBTI issues, share common learnings and opportunities for collaboration, and  inform how GPP can support the community of global LGBTI funders over the course of the pandemic and beyond. The survey focused on GPP member funds as well as non-GPP members in the top 20 funders of global LGBTI issues (based on the 2017-2018 Global Resources Report). 

The brief contains findings on: 

  • Common principles and innovative initiatives global LGBTI funders have commenced since the pandemic began;
  • Key issues that LGBTI funders are hearing from grantee partners;
  • Actions global LGBTI funders have taken to response to these issues;
  • Initial planning or forecasting on implications for global LGBTI funders, including new resources;
  • Recommendations for global LGBTI philanthropic community collaboration in response to COVID-19 impacts on LGBTI communities across the world.

In response to the key recommendations from this survey, GPP will monitor shifts in resource flows to LGBTI movements and communities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. We plan to undertake a follow up survey of these leading global LGBTI funders in July 2020 and will also publish those results here.



COVID-19 Global LGBTI-related Funding Opportunities

These funds are providing current opportunities for LGBTI civil society organizations to access resources in order to respond to COVID-19. We will continually update the page, so if you are a funder supporting global LGBTI issues, please send us any new funding opportunities. 

FundGeographic FocusPopulation Focus
Horizon COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund
(GPP Member and currently closed)
Bay Area, California, USALGBTQ
Frontline AIDS Rapid Response Fund33 priority countries in East and Southern
Africa, West and Central Africa, Latin America
the Caribbean
Organizations that are led by, or work
with, LGBT people and/or MSM
Dignity for All LGBTI Assistance ProgramGlobalCivil society organizations that are under attack
because of their work for LGBTI people or
All Out’s Emergency COVID-19
Resilience and Response Fund

(Currently Closed)
European Endowment for DemocracyEuropean Neighbourhood, MENA, Western
Balkans and Turkey
Civil society organizations, movements and
individual activists working towards a
pluralistic democratic political system.
EL*C Emergency Grants for Lesbian Groups in Europe and Central AsiaEurope and Central AsiaSmall grants are intended only for lesbian led
and lesbian* groups that are working
primarily on supporting and advancing the
position of lesbian communities.
Arab Foundation for Freedoms & Equality (AFE)Middle East and North AfricaLGBTI+ organization working within the Middle East North Africa region excluding Lebanon*
ILGA EuropeEurope and Central AsiaProjects addressing socio-economic rights and issues within LGBTI communities.
The Global Resilience FundGlobalCommunity organisations and collectives led by girls, young women and/or trans and intersex youth.
Aidsfonds COVID Response FundGlobalCurrent grantee or partner

For a full list of US domestic-focused funding opportunities see the Funders for LGBTQ Issues COVID-19 Response page.

For a list of general HIV funding responses, see the Funders Concerned About AIDS COVID-19 Response page.  


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