2023 Funder Survey: Mapping Responses to Global “Anti-Gender” Movements

This survey is now closed. Thank you to all who participated.

Building on the impact of our previous research, Global Philanthropy Project seeks to further strengthen the capacity of the progressive philanthropic ecosystem to strategize, design, and implement individual and collective responses to anti-gender movements.

Launching in October 2023, GPP’s new funder survey is part of an in-depth research project to document the key conceptual frameworks guiding progressive donors’ approaches to anti-gender issues, and to identify and document the current state of philanthropic and donor government funding in response to anti-gender movements, including current grants, research, and convenings.

This survey is organized by Global Philanthropy Project, generating from the donor task force on Responding to Anti-Gender Ideology, with the support of research consultants and an expert advisory committee.

The subsequent report will be shared with a focused audience including survey respondents, with expected publication in early 2024.

All information provided through the survey will be kept secure and confidential. 

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