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GPP’s Dave Scamell in FCAA blog post: Where are the Global COVID-19 Resources for LGBTI Communities?

Where are the global COVID-19 Resources for LGBTI Communities? An Interview with Dave Scammell | Funders Concerned About AIDS

Launched in January 2021, Global Philanthropy Project’s (GPP) new report – Where are the Global COVID-19 Resources for LGBTI Communities – documented how the pandemic has “exacerbated the existing vulnerabilities of LGBTI people, driving many further into poverty and marginalization”. Notably, the report found that, while many LGBTI organizations have responded to COVID-19 by shifting […]

GPP research shared via CIAO database

GPP is happy to announce that our research is now included in the Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) resource. CIAO is the world’s largest online resource of documents and articles devoted to research, analysis, and scholarship on international politics and related fields, including security studies, global finance, diplomatic practice, humanitarian law, global governance, development studies, and environmental studies.

We look forward to sharing GPP’s research and thought leadership about LGBTI global funding with this wide network of institutions. 

  • With more than 500,000 pages aggregated from 300 international publishing institutions, CIAO is a unique and valuable archive and cross-searchable library of full-text articles from government research organizations, independent think tanks, university analysis centers, and scholarly journals.
  • The material in CIAO encompasses working papers, policy briefs, and current analysis and commentary, as well as scholarly journal articles, e-books, and videos. The Economist Intelligence Unit supplies comprehensive country surveys, including in-depth political and economic data and detailed maps.
  • Nearly 500 institutions currently subscribe to CIAO. University libraries, high schools, government agencies, and global research institutions all benefit from this ever-growing resource with more than 40,000 new pages added each year.


GPP Year in Review 2020

Global Philanthropy Project
2020 Year in Review

Director's Letter

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome 2021! In 2020 we experienced an unprecedented global health crisis, emboldened ethno-nationalists, and increasing state-sponsored homophobia. Still, our communities rose to these challenges, defined new ways of working together, and rekindled our commitments to collective power and collective care. LGBTI Philanthropy rebuilt how we partner and collaborate, how we manage and define risk. We are even more aware of the ongoing precarity of our individual, organizational, and collective realities and our responsibilities to respond.

Like all of us, GPP made a pivot from our ambitious in-person meeting agendas.

We learned and shared. We published data and analysis on global LGBTI funding, on the funding of the “anti-gender” opposition movement and our progressive philanthropic responses, and on the LGBTI funder response to COVID-19. Our data has enabled, informed, and unleashed extraordinary, responsive philanthropic resources.

We showed up. We ensured LGBTI grantmaker participation in online civil society convenings, developing sessions and other content in collaboration with LGBTI movements around the world. GPP continues to curate innovative programs towards cultivating our shared efforts to unlock new and better resources for our communities.

We thought deeply about how change can happen in these times. In consultation with our advisory committee, partners, and executive committee, we paused our planning for an ambitious global summit originally planned to be held in person in December 2020. With that pause, we reflected and relaunched the effort as Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit. Now designed as a four-month virtual series, this summit will be a platform for practical and multisectoral collaboration, networking, and ideas exchange across issue areas and world regions.

We utilized and expanded our partnerships for resource activation. In this extraordinary year, the GPP staff and members redoubled our efforts to work with donor government partners and other funders to expand and increase financial commitments. Together we have built and helped to define new pipelines of resources from several governments and new philanthropic actors. 

We grew the collective. 2020 also saw our membership grow with our newest member: Initiative Sankofa D’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISDAO). We also welcomed a number of new donor partners in support of GPP programs.

Please consider this a personal invitation to join a webinar, register for our Global Summit, read and share our newest research. Together we are stronger.


Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit

GPP and co-sponsoring partners invite you to join our Shimmering Solidarity: Global Rights Summit. This event is a four-month virtual series, in March-June 2021, focused on grantmaker responses to the “anti-gender” movement and related global anti-rights agendas. The Global Rights Summit is an opportunity for grantmakers, philanthropic networks, and aligned colleagues to build shared analysis around anti-rights attacks and strategize towards multi-sectoral progressive philanthropic responses.


GPP is committed to cultivating and deepening the knowledge, skills, and capacity of GPP members and other funders in support of global LGBTI issues. GPP and member funds often commission new research exploring and documenting opportunities, challenges, and trends in the field. Learn more.

2017-2018 Global Resources Report

In May 2020, Global Philanthropy Project and Funders for LGBTQ Issues published the 2017-2018 Global Resources Report: Government & Philanthropic Support for LGBTI Communities (GRR), a comprehensive report on the state of foundation and government funding for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) issues. This report documents over 19,764 grants awarded by 800 foundations, NGO intermediary funders, and corporations and by 15 donor government and multilateral agencies over the two-year period of 2017-2018. This new edition documented a total of $560 million, showing that global LGBTI funding grew by 11%, or over $57 million (USD).

In the first quarter of 2021, we will release the full Global Resources Report in Spanish and French translation.

Meet the Moment: A Call for Progressive Philanthropic Response to the Anti-Gender Movement

In early 2020, Global Philanthropy Project worked with our member organizations and philanthropic partners to develop two related pieces of private research: 1) a report mapping the funding of the global “anti-gender” or “anti-gender ideology” movement, and 2) a report mapping the progressive philanthropic response. Webinar launches for these private reports reached over 300 grantmakers.

“Meet the Moment” is a public document developed to share key learning and to offer additional analysis gained in the comparison of the two reports. Additionally, we share insights based on comparing global and regional LGBTI funding data as documented in the 2017-2018 Global Resources Report. These findings offer a clear call to action: progressive movements and their philanthropic partners are being outspent by hundreds of millions of dollars each year, and the institutions providing that opposition funding have developed sophisticated and coordinated systems to learn, co-fund, and expand their influence. 

In the first quarter of 2021, we will release Meet the Moment in Spanish and French translation.

Where are the Global COVID-19 Resources for LGBTI Communities?

In April 2020, GPP launched a short survey of all GPP member organizations as well as non-GPP members within the top 20 funders of global LGBTI issues, assessing the initial response of global LGBTI philanthropy to the pandemic. A key outcome from that report was the identified role for GPP to monitor shifts in resource flows to LGBTI movements and communities as well as the broader impact of COVID-19 on international development and humanitarian assistance funding. In September 2020, we conducted a second-phase survey of the leading government, multilateral, and philanthropic funders of global LGBTI issues. 

GPP’s forthcoming report on the global COVID-19 resources for LGBTI communities reveals how LGBTI grantmaking organizations and their grantee partners have made important pivots in 2020 to respond to the pandemic and lack of humanitarian-funding inclusion. The report challenges the lack of LGBTI-inclusion in the global humanitarian response, and outlines the possible long-term implications of COVID-19 resourcing for the global LGBTI movement. The report will be made available by January 2021 on our COVID-19 Resources Page

Click here to register for the January 28th Report Launch.

Meet the Donors

Due to the pandemic, GPP was unable to provide our Meet the Donors Panel at regional LGBTI conferences. Instead, GPP created a video panel to share a broad overview of the types of philanthropic institutions and funding flows in the LGBTI community.

The video includes background information about philanthropy, fundraising, and the current state of worldwide LGBTI funding based on the 2017-218 Global Resources Report. and a discussion with panelists sharing information about their organizations, the roles they see for their institution within the funding ecosystem, and how they go about their own work as grantmakers and partners.

Thank you to our panelists representing FRI – The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity, International Trans Fund, Open Society Foundations Human Rights Initiative, UHAI-EASHRI, Urgent Action Fund for Women, ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action.

Meet the Donors Video

This video provides a broad overview of the types of philanthropic institutions and funding flows in the LGBTI community. The video reviews some background i…

Government and Multilateral Taskforce

Government and Multilateral Task Force

In this extraordinary year, the GPP staff and members of the Government and Multilateral Task Force (GMTF) redoubled our efforts to work with donor government partners to expand and increase financial commitments. The pandemic required the GMTF to shift focus from in-person engagement with government and multilateral donors at key events such as the Equal Rights Coalition conference to engaging virtually.

Working with our members and LGBTI civil society based in the governments that GPP seeks to influence, we provided detailed data and field analysis to inform the strategies of several donors. GPP also actively engaged each of the government and multilateral donors supporting global LGBTI issues, to understand and document how they responded to the pandemic. Such analysis formed an important part of our forthcoming COVID-19 report, which may open pathways for our network to engage with a new set of government and multilateral actors working in humanitarian response. Together we have built and helped define new pipelines of resources from several governments that will soon be announced.

Snapshot: GPP’s Matthew Hart and Dave Scamell traveled to Germany and, in consultation with LSVD, met with government and development representatives to build and advance these relationships, resulting in a new GPP partnership with BMZ. The trip included a Berlin event on “German Philanthropy’s Role in the Global LGBTI Funding Landscape,” which included a preview of findings from the 2017-18 Global Resources Report. Following the trip, GPP was engaged by GIZ, the German Government’s principal development cooperation implementing mechanism, to serve as an expert informant for GIZ’s scoping research regarding future funding in southern Africa.

Working Groups

Individual Donor Working Group 

This year, the Individual Donor Working Group (IDWG) deepened our work with wealth advisories in the financial sector. After identifying a new group of leaders in the sector, the IDWG has continued to invite wealth advisors to join calls and virtual convenings, and has provided tailored consultations and in-depth research to capacitate their work to better advise high net wealth clients. Together, the IDWG has begun a process of exploring queer lens investments for our members’ institutions.

Trans and Intersex Funding Working Group 

In 2020, the Trans and Intersex Funding Working Group (TIFWG) rolled out an ambitious work plan. The WG provided strategic recommendations to the Hewlett Foundation’s International Reproductive Health Program Strategic Plan to incorporate trans and intersex communities in their policy refresh. Together, the TIFWG collaborated with the Government and Multilateral Taskforce to ensure trans and intersex funding was prioritized across donor government advocacy. TIFWG supported the development of the COVID-19 Survey and hosted two webinars for donors on the impacts of COVID-19 on intersex communities and on trans communities. Combined, these webinars hosted 160 registrants. 

By the Numbers

GPP Members

Thank you to GPP’s Executive Committee for their support and partnership. 

Co-Chairs: Mukami Marete, Co-Executive Director of UHAI-EASHRI; and David Sampson, Deputy Director of the Baring Foundation. 

Members: Francisco Buchting, Vice President of Grants, Programs, and Communications at Horizons Foundation; Kerry-Jo Ford Lyn, LGBT Global Development Partnership Director at Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice; Rebecca Fox, Senior Program Officer at Wellspring Philanthropic Fund; and Michael Heflin, Director of Equality Human Rights Initiative at Open Society Foundations. 

Thank you to GPP’s 21 member organizations for your partnership in 2020 and beyond! 

American Jewish World Service, Arcus Foundation, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Baring Foundation, Dreilinden gGmbH, Ford Foundation, Foundation for a Just Society, Fund for Global Human Rights, Global Fund for Women, Hivos, Horizons Foundation, International Trans Foundation, Initiative Sankofa D’Afrique de L’Ouest, Mama Cash, Oak Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Other Foundation, Sigrid Rausing Trust, UHAI – the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative, Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund.

In February 2020, GPP became a fiscally sponsored program of Community Initiatives.

Meet the Donors Video

Meet the Donors Video
Video filmed October 2020

Meet the Donors Video

This video provides a broad overview of the types of philanthropic institutions and funding flows in the LGBTI community. The video reviews some background i...

About this video

In this video you can find:

Speaker Bios

Shalini Eddens
Deputy Executive Director
Urgent Action Fund for Women

Shalini Eddens

Shalini’s passion for women’s health and rights is grounded in her deep belief for justice and equity.  Shalini’s African American/India heritage and her strong sense of community and family are the compass by which she approaches her work. She has an extensive background in women’s health and rights, with over 15 years of leadership experience in the grassroots public health sector providing direct services, training, education and advocacy for women living with and affected by HIV. Previously, Shalini served as a Program Officer for the UN Foundation in Washington, D.C. where she oversaw a portfolio focused on advocacy and reproductive health. Shalini has spent most of her career working with HIV/AIDS civil society organizations domestically including; Project Inform, where she developed a curriculum for faith-based leaders on HIV Science and Treatment and Women Organized to Respond to Life-Threatening Diseases, she developed a national peer education and training program for women living with HIV that was replicated in domestically and globally. Shalini has expertise in training and capacity building, program monitoring and evaluation, and curriculum design. She has worked with women’s organizations globally in India, South Africa, and Mozambique to provide technical assistance on women-centered HIV/AIDS programming. She holds a bachelor’s in sociology with a minor in African American studies from the University of California Davis and an M.P.H. from Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

Marna Eide
Director of International Programs
FRI – The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity

Marna Eide

Heads the International Programme at FRI – the Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity.

Matthew Hart
Global Philanthropy Project

Matthew Hart

Matthew “Matty” Hart joined as Director of the Global Philanthropy Project in 2015, leading the efforts of an organization internationally recognized as the primary thought leader and go-to partner for donor coordination around global LGBTI work.

Founder and Principle of the Paris-based Lafayette Practice, Hart has previously served as Senior Strategist for Europe for Funders Concerned about AIDS, and National Director for Public Engagement at Solutions for Progress.

Hart also serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the Calamus Foundation (DE), and has previously served as a member of The Civil Marriage Collaborative, a board member of Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Philadelphia Cultural Fund, Philadelphia’s Sustainable Business Network, and The Leeway Foundation; and the community funding board of Bread & Roses Fund. A Jonathan Lax Academic Fellow, Hart received degrees in Urban Studies and Cultural Anthropology from Temple University.


Michael Heflin
Director of Equality
Open Society Foundations Human Rights Initiative

Michael Heflin

Michael Heflin is the Director of Equality at the Open Society Human Rights Initiative. In his role Michael oversees Open Society’s grant making to advance equality in several key areas including LGBTI rights and the rights of persons with disabilities. Michael came to Open Society in 2009 to launch a global initiative on LGBTI rights focused on supporting emerging LGBTI rights groups in the global East and South.

Prior to joining Open Society, Michael was managing director of the Campaigns Unit for Amnesty International USA. He also served as the founding director of Amnesty’s LGBT rights program. In addition, Michael worked at Amnesty’s International Secretariat in London where he directed the International Mobilization Program. Michael also was deputy director of Amnesty’s Midwest Region Office.

Michael holds a law degree with a focus on human rights from the University of Cincinnati where he served as fellow at the Urban Morgan Human Rights Institute and as editor of the Human Rights Quarterly.


Mukami Marete
Co- Executive Director

Mukami Marete

Mukami is an African queer feminist woman with a commitment to human rights and social justice for all people. She is currently the Co-Executive Director at UHAI – The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative (UHAI EASHRI). UHAI EASHRI is Africa’s first indigenous activist fund for sex workers and sexual and gender minorities. We support civil society organising for and by sex workers and sexual and gender minorities with flexible and accessible grants; capacity support; support for Pan-African organising and advocacy, including support for activist-determined convening and knowledge building and documentation.

Before joining UHAI, she had worked with Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) in the finance and administration department and was actively involved in the sexual and reproductive health rights program and in particular right to safe abortions and rights of LGBTI people.

Mukami is a mother of two and believes that love makes a family. She wants to be able to bring up her African children to be resilient in a patriarchal, racist, imperialist and sexist world that she finds herself in.


Shaun Mellors
Director Director of Programmes & Technical
ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action

Shaun Mellors

Shaun Mellors is the Director of Programmes & Technical at ViiV healthcare’s Positive Action Programme. He previously worked at Frontline AIDS as the Director of Knowledge & Influence and Associate Director for Africa.

Shaun has been involved in HIV work at for the last 30 years and has been living with HIV for 34 years. He was actively involved in developing the first post-apartheid South African national HIV strategy and has been integral to the development of the national, regional and international movement of People Living with HIV – co-founder of the National Association of People Living with HIV and the Global Network of People Living with HIV, Global Fund Board Member for the Communities Living with HIV delegation and co-chair of the International Task Team on HIV related restrictions related to entry, stay and residence.

Shaun is passionate about addressing self-stigma – a complex individual barrier that continues to impact people’s abilities to access and benefit from quality health related services. 


Program Officer
International Trans Fund


Mukasa is a Program Officer with the International Trans Fund (ITF) and has been working at the ITF for the last three years. He has helped manage the grantmaking process for the ITF, including conducting outreach to potential applicants and supporting grantee partners through ongoing communication and capacity building. He is a law school graduate from Makerere University (Uganda) with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Taxation and Revenue Administration (PODITRA). Mukasa loves nature and values relationships. He also loves dogs!

Releated Research

September 2020 GPP Updates

Dear Colleagues,

We are in new times, indeed. LGBTI grantmakers, broader human rights and humanitarian funders, and advocates across the landscape of philanthropy and development have activated in new and often non-traditional ways. Now six months into the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing the activation of a wide variety of rapid and longer-term responses. Global Philanthropy Project is here to enable your efforts to support, sustain, and strengthen LGBTI movements around the world. In these complex times, our collective efforts to sustain commitments and catalyze new financial resources matter even more.

Through our webinars, online and in-person convenings, research, and a first-time online global summit, GPP and our member organizations and partners invite you to join in our efforts to expand global philanthropic support for the human rights of LGBTI people. 


Matthew Hart
Director, Global Philanthropy Project

GRR 25% Increase Announcement

50 Funders increased their global LGBTI Funding by 25% or more in 2017–2018

The 2017-2018 Global Resources Report: Government and Philanthropic Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Communities, documents over 19,764 grants awarded by 800 foundations, NGO intermediary funders, and corporations and by 15 donor government and multilateral agencies over the two-year period of 2017-2018. The 2017-2018 report shows an overall increase of 11% for global LGBTI funding compared to the previous report, totaling $560 million (USD).

Within that increase, we are pleased to share that the following list of 50 funders each increased their funding to LGBTI communities by 25% or more comparing the two year period of 2017–2018 to 2015-2016. This analysis includes funds awarded for the purpose regranting, while excluding funding focused on the U.S. 

Thank you to these funders and all represented in the Global Resources Report for your commitment to LGBTI communities!  



Those with an asterisk are GPP Members 

Advocates for YouthFord Foundation*North Star Fund
All OutFoundation for a Just Society*Our Fund
Alphawood FoundationFRIDA the Young Feminist FundPlanetRomeo Foundation
American Institute of BisexualityFront Line DefendersRed Umbrella Fund
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Gilead SciencesSigrid Rausing Trust*
ARIA FoundationGovernment of CanadaSmall Change Foundation
Baring Foundation*Government of FinlandStiftung EVZ
Barrow Cadbury TrustGovernment of FranceStonewall Community Foundation
Bread for the WorldGovernment of NorwaySwedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights (RFSL)
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDSGreater Kansas City Community FoundationTides Foundation
Calamus Foundation (Delaware)Heinrich Böll StiftungTudor Trust
Calamus Foundation (New York)Henry van Ameringen FoundationUN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women
COC NetherlandsHirschfeld Eddy FoundationUnitarian Universalist Service Committee
Comic ReliefInternational Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) - EuropeUrgent Action Fund (Africa)
David Bohnett FoundationMama Cash*ViiV Healthcare
Elton John AIDS Foundation (combined UK + US offices)MetLife FoundationWorld Bank
Fondation de FranceMongolian Women's Fund

2017-2018 Global Resources Report: Government & Philanthropic Support for LGBTI Communities

2017-2018 Global Resources Report:
Government & Philanthropic Support for LGBTI Communities

Grantmakers – share your 2019 and 2020 grants for inclusion in the next edition of this report! Extended deadline: November 15, 2021

Global Philanthropy Project and Funders for LGBTQ Issues are pleased to present the 2017-2018 Global Resources Report: Government and Philanthropic Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Communities, a comprehensive report on the state of foundation and government funding for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) issues. This report documents over 19,764 grants awarded by 800 foundations, NGO intermediary funders, and corporations and by 15 donor government and multilateral agencies over the two-year period of 2017-2018. 

The report provides detailed data on the distribution of LGBTI funding by geography, issue, strategy, and population focus, offering a tool for identifying trends, gaps, and opportunities in the rapidly changing landscape of LGBTI funding.

This report draws from six years of data on global LGBTI funding, documented in three editions of the Global Resources Report including grants awarded from 2013 to 2018.

This new edition documents a total of $560 million, showing that global LGBTI funding grew by 11%, or over $57 million (USD). This also represents a 54% increase in the number of grants. Additionally, 300 new LGBTI funders are included

Full Report

Report Infographic

Excerpt by Geographic Focus: 

Webinar Launch (May 28, 2020): 



Ya está disponible el informe completo en español

Le rapport intégral est désormais disponible en français


Diving Deeper: Under the surface of LGBTI funding data

In 2021, for the first time, GPP is sharing a series of “Diving Deeper” brief reports to explore a number of new analyses using the Global Resources Report dataset. These briefs focus on: global LBQTI funding, the role of intermediaries and government embassies in global LGBTI funding, and regional trends. 


Communications Toolkit


While we celebrate the increases in LGBTI funding over the past six years of the report, we also anticipate destabilization of those trends given the massive social, political, and financial impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The inequities and vulnerabilities facing LGBTI people around the world are likely to be amplified by this global health crisis. At the same time, LGBTI movements are mobilizing and organizing around the world, drawing from our legacies of resilience and adaptation to meet the needs of their communities. These conditions call for renewed and increased support from long-term donor partners and new funders to ensure that LGBTI people are at the table to design and influence the paths through crisis and into recovery and healing.

COVID-19 LGBTI Philanthropy Resources

This report, and the six years of data held within, offer a benchmark to document the progress we’ve made together and a tool to help shape LGBTI funding in the months and years to come. The report offers a path for donors and movement leaders to identify funding gaps, advocate for more resources, adapt our goals, and increase our impact.

With gratitude to all of the grantmakers who shared their data and to the movements for LGBTI human rights whose work is represented in these pages, this report is intended to serve as a valuable tool for all those seeking to advance LGBTI rights and improve the well-being of LGBTI communities around the world.



The Global Resources Report serves as a resource for additional research conducted by GPP members and partners.


Global Philanthropy Project, June 2021

Global Philanthropy Project, Red Umbrella Fund, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, and the Sex Worker Donor Collaborative, March 2021

Global Philanthropy Project, April 2021

Global Philanthropy Project, February 2021

Elevate Children Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project, March 2021

Report available in English, Spanish, and French

What are the different kinds of LGBTI funders, and what are good ways to approach them for support? Watch GPP’s new “meet the donors” video to learn more.

Global Philanthropy Project, 2020

Resources from Elevate Children’s Funders Group and Global Philanthropy Project, October 2019

GPP, GATE, AJWS, Astraea, 2019.

Grantmaker Resources re: funding Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer Women

Resources for understanding and resisting “anti-gender ideology.”

Inclusive International Funders List and Education Resources for LGBTI Philanthropy.

How governments in the Global North can effectively partner with intermediary organizations to support LGBTI communities in the Global South and East; Commissioned by Global Philanthropy Project, July 2016

GPP Employment Opportunities

About GPP

Global Philanthropy Project (GPP) is a collaboration of funders and philanthropic advisors working to expand global philanthropic support to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people in the Global South and East.

Established in 2009, GPP’s 20 member organizations include many of the leading global funders and philanthropic advisors for LGBTI rights. As the first international cohort of LGBTI funders, GPP is internationally recognized as the primary thought leader and go-to partner for donor coordination around global LGBTI work.

GPP is a key source of strategic research and analysis for global LGBTI funders. GPP also plays a central role in convening philanthropists and human rights activists for opportunities to increase knowledge, skills and capacity towards expanding global LGBTI funding. These convening spaces include donor pre-conferences during regional LGBTI convenings, funder webinars, and report release events. GPP is organized through a core Executive Committee and a number of thematic working groups, taskforces, and program-focused advisory groups.

No positions available at this time. 

People of color; lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, trans and gender non-conforming people; women; and differently abled people are encouraged to apply. We also encourage applications from people of diverse religious, spiritual, and cultural backgrounds.