2023 Global Philanthropy Forum: GPP Executive Director as a Keynote Speaker

Keynote at the 2023 Global Philanthropy Forum

Matthew Hart, Global Philanthropy Project Executive Director, delivered a keynote speech at this year’s Global Philanthropy Forum Conference.

Increasingly, far-right politicians fuel moral panics and defend “traditional and national” values as a winning strategy to attack democracy and the rule of law while demonizing many communities, including the LGBTIQ+ community. These strategies are intentional, and supported by a coalition of philanthropy, corporations, religious institutions, and wealthy individuals. But all is not lost. Funded by progressive donors, courageous LGBTIQ+ activists use indigenous wisdom, creative activism, and democratic processes to maintain and further human rights. Hear from on-the-ground change-makers about the growing connections between the fight for LGBTIQ+ rights and preserving democracy.

Photos courtesy of Katie Hultquist/Outright International.

Left to Right: Katie Hultquist, Frank Mugisha, Matthew Hart, D’Arcy Drollinger, Jennifer Lu, Nicholis Marshall, Roger Doughty

Left to Right 1st row: Roger Doughty,  Jennifer Lu, Michael Heflin,Frank Mugisha
Left to Right 2nd row: Matthew Hart, Philip Yun

Left to Right: Roger Doughty, Jennifer Lu, Michael Heflin, Matthew Hart, Katie Hultquist, Frank Mugisha

Left to Right: D’Arcy Drollinger, Nicholis Marshall

         Highlights from our Executive Director:

About the 2023 Global Philanthropy Forum

The 2023 Global Philanthropy Forum, “Confronting Orthodoxies: Evolving Mindsets,” was held October 17-19 in San Francisco.

The Global Philanthropy Forum is a peer-learning network of philanthropists and social investors committed to advancing international causes. Through conferences, programs and matchmaking services, GPF seeks to build a community of philanthropists, and to inform, enable and enhance the strategic nature of its members’ giving and social investing.

Over two and a half days, GPF together innovators, philanthropic leaders, activists, donors of color, technologists and intellectuals to build a robust discussion about how to tackle problems that are truly global in nature, like climate change or pandemics. GPF explored different regional approaches (and lessons learned) to shared problems like gender inequality or Indigenous empowerment. GPF looked at new technologies, political and economic developments that are shaping our world and framing our opportunities. GPF also brought local activists to the forefront, helping bring to light ways to ensure that philanthropic resources can be directly used to support local communities and create sustainable impact that addresses both local and global challenges.

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