Making Political Institutions Address Gendered Poverty: Contexts, Capabilities and Change

Sohela Nazneen, Senior Fellow, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

This text examines the dynamics of national political institutions in addressing gendered poverty. It raises critical questions about when these institutions respond to the poverty needs of women and girls, explores the factors influencing their decisions, and identifies the necessary institutional capacities for sustaining the promotion of gender equality goals.

The discussion is framed within the context of Sustainable Development Goal 16, which emphasizes the role of institutions in building inclusive societies and economies, and the increased urgency in post-pandemic times. The author’s contribution focuses on challenges posed by economic and political changes, gender backlash, potential political openings for advancing gender equality goals, required capacities at various government levels, and strategies for mobilizing change.

The author draws on academic and secondary literature and ongoing research projects by the Institute of Development Studies, specifically addressing backlash against women’s rights and gender equality.

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