Us Too: Funding the Needs and Priorities of LBQ+ Women and Non-Binary People

April 20 - April 19, 2023

5:00 am - 7:00 pm (GMT-05:00)

Join Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Gender Funders CoLab, and the Global Philanthropy Project to discuss practical ways for donors to support LBQ+ movement-building globally. This event will focus on the findings of Human Rights Watch’s first global report on the rights of lesbian, bisexual, and queer (LBQ+) women and non-binary people with Erin Kilbride (HRW LGBT rights Program) in conversation with feminist and queer philanthropy practitioners, Anisha Chugh (Women’s Fund Asia) and Rebecca Fox (Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice). The session is specifically aimed at donors seeking to address the critical LBQ+ funding gap.

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Anisha Chugh

    Anisha Chugh

    Executive Director Women’s Fund Asia

    Anisha has been with Women’s Fund Asia for over 10 years and starting 1st July 2022, has assumed the position of Executive Director of the organisation. She previously worked at different levels within WFA – Deputy Executive Director, Director of Programmes and Programme Officer. Prior to joining WFA, Anisha worked with a human rights funder in India called the Dalit Foundation. Anisha has been part of several grant-making advisories. She currently serves on the Advisory Committee of the Fenomenal Funds (The Women’s Funds Collaborative Initiative) and represents WFA on the Advisory Board of the Resilience Fund. Anisha has also recently joined the Steering Committee of Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN). She has also served on the board of FRIDA – The Young Feminist Fund as the Treasurer (2015-2020). Anisha has a Master’s in History from the University of Delhi (St. Stephen’s College) as well as a Master’s in Governance in Development from Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. Anisha loves trying new foods as well as experimenting with new recipes! Apart from food, Anisha also loves devouring books, especially historical fiction. Spirit Animal: Indian Dog

    Executive Director Women’s Fund Asia

  • Erin Kilbride

    Erin Kilbride

    Researcher, LGBT Rights Program Human Rights Watch

    Erin is a Researcher in the LGBT Rights and Women’s Rights Divisions at Human Rights Watch, investigating human rights violations against lesbian, bisexual and queer communities. She is the author of HRW’s first global report on violence against LBQ+ people (February 2023). Prior to joining Human Rights Watch, Erin was the Research Coordinator at Front Line Defenders, providing emergency support to human rights defenders at risk and leading fact-finding missions across Africa, Asia and the Americas. She has authored investigations into military trials of civilians, targeted killings of HRDs and sexual violence perpetrated by security forces in Bangladesh, Egypt, El Salvador, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Tanzania and the United States. She recently led the first global investigation into threats and attacks against sex worker rights defenders.

    Researcher, LGBT Rights Program Human Rights Watch

  • Joy Chia

    Joy Chia

    Executive Director - Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

    Joy L. Chia is the Executive Director of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, a public foundation rooted in LGBTQI communities and movements working globally to advance the rights of LGBTQI people and communities. Astraea endeavors to mobilize and distribute resources so as to reach the activists and communities who need them most and who are best positioned to make transformational impact over time.

    Joy comes to Astraea from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), where she was the Team Manager with the Women’s Rights Program and led its work on “Power of the Collective” which supports feminist activism, community mobilization and advocacy to be more independent, resilient, vibrant, and inclusive. From 2012-2018, Joy was the OSF East Asia program officer and led the program’s grant-making portfolios on equality and human rights in China. She has also held fellowships and taught international human rights law and practice at institutions, such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong and at Fordham Law School. Joy is a graduate of Yale University and Columbia University School of Law.

    Executive Director - Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

  • Rebecca Fox

    Rebecca Fox

    Vice President of Programs Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

    Rebecca Fox is Astraea’s VP, Programs and has been a long-time supporter of Astraea and grassroots, feminist LBTQI movements. In her previous role, Rebecca was the Senior Program Officer on the SOGIE team at Wellspring Philanthropic Fund. In that position, she coordinated grantmaking on a variety of issues related to increasing the rights of and improving the lived experiences of LGBTI people. Formerly, she was Executive Director of the National Coalition for LGBT Health and an adjunct professor of human sexuality at George Washington University. Rebecca currently serves on the Steering Committee on the International Trans Fund and was previously board chair at Funders for LGBTQ Issues. Rebecca’s other board membership experiences include those of Choice USA, Generations Ahead, and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her partner, Meghan, and her not quite feral cat, Birdie Noodle. She is a women’s record holder for powerlifting in New York State.

    Vice President of Programs Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

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